4 weeks straight #Literally

I stay hittin' the #EasyButton...

...'cause it's way too cold and my current mood is, 'Nah'.

As long as I'm light handed and only apply the Ultra Sheen every few days, I'm golden-- like it's not greasy at all, just damn luxurious.  Let's see how long we can push it... #GreaseKnots #ForTheWin 

In short, every night, I--

1. finger detangle gently and create 8-12 bantu knots, securing each with a bobby pin
2. I apply a teeny bit of Ultra Sheen grease (the blue one) per section before knotting, focusing on the ends
3. Sleep on a satin pillow case
4. Release in the a.m. and luxuriate all day
5. Repeat

If I don't feel like re-knotting (or have no where to go the next day), I make one or two big bantu knots (on the top of my head), tie my edges down with a satin scarf, and release in the a.m. to rock a high, messy bun.  #EasyButton

In other news- The District of Snow-lumbia...

Not a snow day, tho, just a late start day.  So we #RoofTopped it for a sec.  

Later Gators,

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