Short Hair Swag, I Got It.

Hola Chicas!

All my life I had to fight, and tuck and pin... trying to achieve short hurr swag without committing.  Well yesterday I decided to stop playing and get in formation.

I wanted this--

But compromised with this--

...'cause I still needed to be able to achieve a mom bun AND big ass natural hair situations.

If you're in DC and want a professional, extra sharp, shape-up, Carlos at Corte Salon is the man.  He's a professional, funny, natural hair advocate with magical shears.  Got me looking badder than a 3 year old. #FinallyBoutThatLife

Later Gators,

p.s. FYI- The cut is a blunt, collar-length bob. No layers.  He blew me out for the precision trim and I slept in 6 bantu knots for texture.

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