Tuesday Tip: Exercise to Improve Hair Growth

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Andrea Whiting of Forkinkygirls.com

Your genetic makeup is usually the main factor in hair growth, but exercising can also promote and maximize healthy hair growth.  While cardiovascular exercise is obviously a great way to maintain a healthy and properly functioning body, the improved blood circulation allows the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles, which is essential for growth.  Where there's adequate blood flow, there is stimulation and growth! 

Another reason exercise can lead to an increase in hair growth and retention is because it reduces stress.  Stress is a factor in stunted hair growth and also premature hair loss. Stress increases cortisone, the hormone that is responsible for hair thinning.  Exercise naturally lowers cortisone levels while increasing serotonin, the hormone that allows you to feel energized and happy.

So exercise for healthy body, mind and curls!

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