5 Protective Styles For Spring

Photo Credit: Colored Gurl

by Mary Wolff
After winter ends, spring brings on some much-needed sunshine and warmth. While there is no denying the change of weather is welcomed by most people with open arms, spring can also bring some hair care concerns for us curlies. With all that sunshine and warmth comes humidity, rainstorms, and more than a few bad hair days packed with frizz. An easy way to combat this seasonal burden is with spring-friendly protective styles! Here are my top 5 protective styles for spring so you can survive this complicated time with ease.

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1. Easy Flat Twist
This look is easy to do for any hair texture. It is a sweet, feminine look perfect for spring. This is a low manipulation style that won’t add to damage or breakage.  The key to creating this look is to lock in the moisture to avoid frizz or damaging your strands. Here is a quick video of a version of this cute style.

2. Two Braid 
For this look, it will work with any length but is especially pretty with longer lengths. While this look is nothing new, it is certainly a pretty classic look that is ideal for springtime. It also helps to frame your face. Here is a quick tutorial on making this look work for you.

3. Triple Braid Warrior Plait Updo
This look is a beautiful variation on more traditional styles. It creates cornrows in three main sections on the crown for a sleek look with a long flowing ponytail for added style. Find out how to pull off this protective style right here.

4. Bun Hawk Updo
When you want a style that will save your strands from springtime dangers while also showing some attitude, this is the look for you. It takes the best of the bun and frohawk bringing them together for a modern take on the two. See for yourself with this quick tutorial.

5. Elastic Cornrows
For a style that is both protective and still allows you to leave some strands loose, this look is the right mix. This style is pretty and edgy without being harsh or overpowering the beauty of your texture. Here is a quick guide to try it out.
Spring is the perfect time to try something new. With these protective styles, you can care for your curls while looking great!

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