Solange's Masterful Performance at Guggenheim Is 'An Ode To' Black Women

Solange performs "An Ode To," a stunning visual performance of her album 'A Seat At The Table.' Krisanne Johnson / Red Bull Content Pool

Written by Tonja Renée Stidhum

Solange Knowles graced the Guggenheim for a Red Bull Music Academy event that was billed as an “interdisciplinary performance piece and meditation examining themes from A Seat at the Table“—and it was masterful!

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Krisanne Johnson / Red Bull Content Pool
Solange used the full-scope of the Frank Lloyd Wright design to her advantage and crafted her concert into a work of art. It was an interactive masterpiece, as Solange had asked audiences to dress in all-white to create a contrast against the brown-oranges, yellows, dark blues, and reds of herself, her backup singers, and the band.
Krisanne Johnson / Red Bull Content Pool

Krisanne Johnson / Red Bull Content Pool

Solange performed a set of minimalist versions of favorites from the critically-acclaimed A Seat at the Table, such as “Cranes in the Sky,” “Mad,” “Don’t Touch My Hair,” and “F.U.B.U.”
Krisanne Johnson / Red Bull Content Pool

“It’s not about just being here at the Guggenheim,” she mentioned after the performance, “it’s about tearing the f*cking walls down.”
Krisanne Johnson / Red Bull Content Pool

Staying true to her word, she maintained an essence of the carefree Black girl, blackness, pride and black feminism, which she showcased through interpretive dance, singing directly to Black audience members, and even singing to a security guard. The band was even part of the artful choreography as three separate rows of trumpeteers popped up on the three levels of the artichoke-esque Manhattan museum.
Krisanne Johnson / Red Bull Content Pool

After what appeared to be a magical experience, Solange ended with a message, “It’s not about allowance, because we belong here. We built this.” Say that, sis!
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