You Aren't Scared, You Just Forgot Who You Are.


The reality is that you’re never disconnected from your TrueSelf (aka God, Tao, Source, The I Am, Being, Consciousness, Soul). Your awareness of the connection just gets covered up by thoughts and circumstances and thoughts about those circumstances.

And then your body interprets this apparent disconnection as tension/contraction/heaviness which your mind interprets as nerves, fear, anger, jealousy and low self-esteem. But when you maintain a moment to moment awareness of your connection to your TrueSelf— interpreted by your body and mind as peace, relief, joy and other go(o)d feels— you’re being HER, now. And she’s naturally confident, happy, clear-minded, kind, successful and strong.  Those characteristics that you’re so desperately striving for, that you believe you’re currently lacking, are who and what you are. Allow your inherent abundance to flow. Let go. Breathe. Smile. Be HER, now.  

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