Pay Up Kiddo! Should a 5-Year-Old Have To Pay Rent?

By Erickka Sy Savané

Making the rounds online like a California wildfire is definitely a topic that caught my eye about a mom, Essence Evans, who shared on her facebook page that she charges her 5-year-old daughter rent. As a mom of two who is constantly asking myself whether I'm doing the right things as a parent, it made me stop and think. Should little kids pay rent? Well, you can imagine that there has been A LOT of discussion, sometimes heated, for and against, from here all the way to the UK! Find out what this mom hopes to accomplish by teaching her daughter that ain't nothin' going on but the rent, and share your thoughts!


From Essence Evans Facebook page  
While I understand what this mom is trying to do, because one of our biggest goals as a parent is making sure that our kids can thrive once they leave the nest, I'm also of the mindset that kids should be kids for as long as possible. Bills will surely come, but how about they get to focus on other things that will make their lives rich, like sharing, kindness, empathy, sports, arts, ect....Also, taking the majority of the child's money back in an effort to teach them that most of their money will go towards bills when they grow up, is teaching them just that. There are many people out there working and owning businesses who aren't left with such a low amount after paying their bills. If I had this to look forward to as a kid growing into an adult, I'd probably never have the desire to work because it sounds like some bullsh*t.

And while most of the comments on Essence's Facebook page have been overwhelmingly positive...
YAY: BABYGIRL, I've been doing this for YEARS!! I have 3 kiddos under 10yo and they pay .65 per month for Rent. If they pay late past the 5th, they get charged interest for a .01 a day and get locked out of their room. You are TEACHING your little BROWN BABIES financial responsibility. I'm proud of you. Keep up the GOOD WORK!! the people who are talking trash about you will be the very ones that your child HIRES to clean up after her
YAY: to teach a child independence and the value of money and hardwork is the best gift a parent can give to their child, especially in this day and age of the spoiled, entitled generation. Don't listen to the haters and the clueless. Your daughter will have a good life because you gave her a solid foundation to build from.
YAY:  You are a genius & an awesome mom!! Your daughter is lucky to have you. Hope all the asshole moms have backed off now. Much love & respect sent your way!!
There have been a few negative...
 There have been some negative...
NAY: the greatest bullshit i have ever heard of. No time ever to be a child... before she HAS to work for food
NAY: You're teaching your daughter what? You are not telling her she is saving money. At five she can understand saving money. There are children a couple years older than her who attend college. The human brain can retain a whole lot more than most of us realize. Another thing, children don't ask parents to have them. We have them. Why should they pay us to live with us or for anything??? We owe them for bringing them here.
NAY: Lets see those deposit slips.
What do you think? Should little kids pay rent?
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