Baby I Got You! Benny Harlem Turns His Wife's Baby Hairs Into Full-Grown Adults.

Photo of Kourtney Dandridge via Benny Harlem's IG
By Erickka Sy Savané

Hey, we all show our love in different ways, for Benny Harlem that meant helping turn his wife's baby hairs into full-grown adults! Not only was the note he shared on his IG, along with this photo sweet, it was kinda shocking to see that baby hairs don't have to stay babies- I mean, look at that length!!!

Benny Harlem's IG
For those who follow Benny Harlem, the New York-bred, Los Angeles-based Dad, Hubby, Natural Hair enthusiast, and now, entrepreneur, seeing baby hair length for the Gods is not a surprise. After all, Benny broke the Guinness World Record for highest high top fade last year, and he, his wife and daughter Jaxyn are hair goals to half-a-million followers, and counting. 

Kourtney & daughter Jaxyn via Kourtney's IG
Benny & Daughter Jaxyn via Benny's IG
So how do they maintain that length? Benny told Paper magazine last year,
"I mean we have a regime. We wash our hair every week. We make our own shampoo and stuff like that, which consists of natural [ingredients like] coconuts and certain berries and things. I think it's really just what most people do to their hair. [But we also] take care of [our] bodies. I think a lot of it is positive self-image and great thinking. What we consume in our minds and our spirits has a lot to do with our hair as well. People might not believe it, but I really think that's the truth. Of course, take care of yourself, take care of your hair, wash your hair. Really, I'm not going to make up some elaborate thing. Other than the castor oil and coconut oil that we use, there's really no secret."
Well, obviously, there IS a secret, and he's sharing that now...Find out how to buy his hair care kit, which comes with a 3-month regimen, on his facebook page!  

Benny trended recently on youtube just walking into an elevator. We see you Benny!!!

Will you be trying Benny's hair care kit? If so, be sure to let us know how it works!
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