Re-Discover Your Current: #BeHerNow

Nikki Walton
There’s a current of peace and well-being coursing through you, always. And when you’re conscious of it,
you let go of who you are and become who you might be.’- Lao Tzu 
This silent but powerful current carries with it the deets of HER unfoldment— of HER success and unconditional happiness.

This joyful current IS security. It IS love. It IS affluence. This flow is your purpose.

You re-discover your current, this ‘quiet joy,’ when you stop scrolling... when you stop worrying, multi-tasking, manipulating, comparing, judging... when you slow down. You notice IT when you take a moment to relax, to breathe, to smile. You recognize IT when you’re being HER, the fullest version of yourself. This current is always there, waiting on your conscious remembrance. So, remember! And live in IT- feel IT in every breath, every step, every action and before, during and after every thought. Make it primary.

.p.s. Spoiler alert— stay in IT long enough and you’ll realize that you are the current! #BeHerNow #laotzu #life

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