Not Just for Grandpa Anymore...3 Reasons to Try Safety Razors!

 By Kira Sparkles

My razor needed new blades recently, but just my luck, they discontinued the kind I liked, meaning I was back on the market for a new one. I kept seeing ads on my Facebook and Instagram for the Dollar Shave Club and I have to admit that I was extremely tempted until I saw my friend post a video about safety razors.

The safety razor is not a new concept at all. Think about old school barber shops with a single, straight blade. It doesn’t seem very safe, but this is 2018 and your grandpa’s razor has gotten a modern twist. But why consider one in the first place? Here are 3 reasons...


Do It For Your Wallet!
A brief search online for a Venus razor with a disposable head will run you about $9 while the cartridges cost $18 for four. I can usually make that four-pack stretch for about two months which sets us at $27 JUST for the start up. Mind you, every time that you go to buy new razor cartridges, you’re out $18 every couple months.

I bought my WEISHI safety razor on Amazon for $15. That’s the cheapest one I could find, but this includes five blades with it. So for the whole starter pack? $15. When it comes to refills when you finally run out of those five blades? You’re looking at $10… for 100 blades. You read that right. You’ll never have to worry about blades again. At least not for a good long while.

Do it for the planet!
The disposable razors you’re used to are made from a mix of materials that unfortunately can’t be recycled, meaning every time you throw away a razor head it goes straight into the trash which in turn sits in a landfill. Yuck. With a safety razor, you’re just dealing with metal. The only thing you need is an empty can or jar to store your old blades. When it’s full, give that to your recycling people so they don’t injure themselves. If you ever have to recycle the razor itself, that’s metal too. Everyone wins!

Do it for you
The biggest reason people have been raving about safety razors is because the blades last a hell of a lot longer and you’ll get the smoothest, closest shave of your life without razor bumps or ingrown hairs. I can attest they absolutely were not lying about this in the reviews! I even waited to write this article to make sure WITHOUT A DOUBT that no bumps popped up. Not even an ingrown hair. Plus, you stay smoother much, much longer.

The only downside is that you really have to take your time. Where disposable razors are marketed with their long, sweeping strokes, safety razors work in small strokes. Plus, the head doesn’t pivot like some disposable ones will. Another small downside? Taking the razor out for the first time is intimidating as hell, but once you shave with it it’s just like any other razor. You just don’t have to apply as much pressure. Also, be generous with the shaving cream. Seriously.

All in all, I've been super impressed with my upgrade!

               Would you give safety razors a try or have you? Sound off!                          
 Kira is a passionate, outspoken writer keeping it real for the people. She's a UF graduate with a soft spot for cats. Read more of her work at her blog KiraSparkles!

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