The Secret to Why Benny Harlem's Natural Hair Products Sell Out in 59 Seconds

Photo via Benny's IG
By Winnie Gaturu

You've probably heard of Benny Harlem and his impressive hair. He was even featured in the 2018 Guiness Book of World records for having the highest high top fade ever recorded. His natural hair journey is nothing short of impressive. For him, it's not only about the hair, it's about nourishing the soul and spirit and using natural products.

Benny has been growing out his hair for the past 14 years, and like every other natural, it has taken time to fully understand how to nourish his hair. He's tried and tested many products while making all the hair mistakes you can imagine. Eventually, he started making his own natural hair products which he has been using together with his wife and daughter, and due to public demand (from his many social media followers), he decided to make the products available for people to buy. Now find out why they sell out in 59 seconds.

Benny's products aren't the typical products you find in the market. They are masterfully created to provide maximum benefits to hair. Apart from vitamins C,D,E, biotin, B5 and minerals like iron and zinc, Benny's products also contain rare ingredients such as Ethiopian Frankincense Healing Butter, Whole Grain Ethiopian Kachieia Butter and Raw Honey Dipped Kokum Butter. Due to the intricacy involved in creating the butters, oils and moisturizers, every single order is made by hand and takes a few weeks to be processed from start to finish. For instance, it takes two weeks to naturally process the oils from the rare butters. This can't be rushed, but the wait is definitely worthwhile.

Another great thing is that the products are crafted for every kind of weather. They include the Ultra Summer Harlem Hair Care Kit, Master Winter Hair Care Solution, Spring Hair Care Kit, Winter Harlem Hair Care Solution, Summer in Harlem Hair Care Solution Kit and the Green Veggie Hair Kit. These products do a great job of nourishing natural tresses, restoring damaged hair, promoting hair growth and strengthening the strands. If you don't believe that these are what Benny Harlem and his family use on their majestic crowns, then take the word of the satisfied customers. Many keep posting about how these products have changed their hair and lives in general. Benny's wife even managed to grow out her baby hairs into beautiful long healthy strands of hair using the all-natural products.

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Given all these amazing ingredients and benefits, it is no wonder that these products get sold-out as soon as they're made available for sale. To be specific, the get sold out within the first 59 seconds. This leaves many eager customers disappointed, and the high traffic even makes the website crash. Those who aren't fast enough to get their products don't shy away from airing their grievances either. 

Via Benny's IG
Benny Harlem is aware of these limitations and is in the process of making amends on his website to avoid crashing. However, for the products, he knows that he can't meet the demand but is keen on providing quality each and every time. He's even training several people so that he can make more product available. Benny Harlem's aim is for more people to discover the beauty of their natural hair and see what a transformative experience it is.

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