Having a Rough Day? Try This.

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Leave a ❤️in the comments if you’re thankful for the small (in my case!) things!

Stay aware of inner Love for the rest of the night! It’s ever-present, and always accessible, even when anger, fear, or anxiety have come to visit. Your job as Consciousness isn’t to stop the ‘negative’ feels, or change them into ‘positive’ ones, but to introduce even 1% of this divine, inherent Love into every situation.


Tomorrow, allow that current to flow into the tense moment in your office, let it pour into the boardroom, into the nursery, into the kitchen. Simply relax the body, and notice the Love that’s always with you, waiting for you to remember, and recognize IT! That Love is Gratitude... it is Surrender... it is Grace, and it’s carrying you to the dopest manifestation of ‘you’! #BeHerNow 👑

TRY THIS: Place your hand over your heart, close your eyes, smize, and either mentally or verbally say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you!’. Feel that? Like a subtle Go(o)d feeling emanating from within? That’s IT? Stay with that tonight and smooth into tomorrow. Stay smiling a little, too 😊 I love you!

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