Things I've Learned from Living on the Beach Pt.1

lippie, argan oilspf, JOY... Dassssit. 

Sun. Surf. Self-Love.  It's been 6 months since I landed on Clearwater Beach and in addition to realizing that this is, in fact, my natural habitat, I've also learned:


How to Hat

The occasional beanie, my extra-ass cape coat (I actually just re-purchased for my upcoming trip to STL), the hooded DRAMA served in Jerusalem-- that about sums up my head-gear situation.  But look. Since moving to Florida?  I have NO clue what to do with my hair, so hats have become a whole way of life.

My time and sanity-saving bobbed blow-outs? Nope. Fro-outs.

Trusty twist-outs?  Frizz-outs.

Roller-sets? Whole messes.

Which is why 99% of the time you can find me under the mysterious-magnificence pictured above, or serving Ms. Jackson Rhythm Nation like the pic up top, or in a forgiving and kinda-chic side swoop, like this.  Das it.

I'm still #TeamEdges so I'm mindful of making sure my hats aren't too tight, and that they don't snag my hair.  I also switch it up as often as possible... I never bun or pony-tail in the same spot for long, I switch up hat styles and placement, and try to rock 'out-styles' whenever possible.  I'm using Ouidad's Anti-Humidity Gel with a little luck (for my flat twist-outs), and rock raw shea butter on all my slickbacks-- nothing else holds once I hit the balconies (x3!!!) or the front door.

The hats are doing double-duty, too.  The sun is a beast and since I'm on the beach, meditating, or walking at least once a day, I've been serious about protecting my fresh :)  In addition to a hat and shades, I religiously rock sunscreen (UNSEEN by Supergoop-- no residue, greasiness, or white cast, EVER), and do my best to stay indoors between 10 and 2.

I'll be sharing other teachable moments (and favorite things), soon!

Love you guys!

What's your go-to solution for cute hair in high humidity situations? 

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