Gia's Turning 10

Hola Chicas!

Today was Boogie's first day of fifth grade. And yes, we opted for fully virtual!  The Zoom schedule is wicked, tho! She has more meetings than me! 

Boog updates--

She's nearly my height, witty, independent af, a creator and about her business. After we moved to Florida she became intensely passionate about protecting the ocean, and passed her covid-summer raising money for her charity-of-choice, creating hand-made gifts for the donators, writing up business plans, and hosting Zoom meetings for 'interested' extended family members.  She researches incessantly, recycles fiercely, and had me pen a note to the CEO of 4Ocean (an organization she discovered while doing her Googles), to see how she could get involved.  She's now an official volunteer and member, and we make our rounds 'round these Clearwater streets, once a week.  A spectacle, we are. 

She's also nearly my height, an amazing big sis, and way doper and more confident than I ever could've imagined being at her age. Her age? 10. She's turning 10 on Saturday and I don't know how to feel! I've watched waves of pride, joy, and sadness... a bitter-sweetness come and go.  There have been smiles through tears.  She's powerful and I'm honored to be her mom.  


Just a regular Tuesday with Maui and Moana 

Planting mango trees with Grandma!

Trash pickup!

Official trash pickup!

socially distanced, neighborly LOVE :) 

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Unknown said...

So beautiful!

Unknown said...

I am getting older, bolder, fierce, and more beautiful with time. I remember when this angel was just a little baby and CurlyNikki was giving us the juice on natural hair. Fast forward to ten years later and that baby which she showcase and model with on the best hair care for not only adults but babies have grown into a beautiful young replica of her mom. Look at that hair! The universe can do wonders when we trust. Nikki, you done good! Keep inspiring us.

Curlynikki said...

Thank you both so much!!!! I appreciate your words and your energy. It's been a beautiful challenge, and continues to be everyday! Thank you thank you thank you!!! xoxo

keisha said...

Lissen....i'm getting old and i want her to stay itty bitty esp when I can remember when you got preggers, living in NC and now in FL. i.can't. Happy birthday miss Gia!

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