The Emotional Pros & Cons Of DNA Testing

By Nikki Igbo

On my mother’s side of the family tree, we can trace certain roots back to the 16th century. The lineage leads to a collection of nobles and landed gentry who had the power and resources to literally own people. Other than the discovery that Barack Obama and I share a common ancestor, I can’t say I’m thrilled with these revelations. As if anyone cares how these people relate to me. As if anyone would classify me as White or European because of it.

I wanted to know about the people who gave me my Black identity so I decided to test my DNA.

Yo Gurl JoJo Shows Us How To Make An Easy DIY Deodorant!

By Erickka Sy Savané

So the other day, we ran out of deodorant. My 8-year-old, who loves youtube says, 'let's make some ourselves!' At first I'm all, is she crazy? Why do that when I can just buy it? Then she finds this video, and it all began to make so much sense. Regular deodorants have aluminum in them, which are known to cause disease, plus they cost more in the long run than getting these ingredients that you probably already have in your home. Think about it, let's keep that money and stay healthy! 

Thanks JoJo

Tell Us What You Love About Your Work For A Chance To Win These Harlem Candles!

The "Holiday" & "Langston" Candle
It's another Tuesday, another chance to win day!

Wouldn't it be nice to fill your home with the scent of Billie Holiday or Langston Hughes? Imagine the inspiration it could bring...Well, all you have to do is tell us what you love about your work- whether you're in school, a stay-at-home mom, a social worker, teacher, blogger, or starting your own business- it's all good, just inspire us with what makes it so great! In return, we're giving away 4 candles from the amazing Harlem Candle Company! Good Luck!

Liberal White Women On Why Conservative White Women Vote Against Themselves

Photo via
By Erickka Sy Savané

Like many, I have been following the Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones Senate race in Alabama. One minute, Democrat Doug Jones is ‘leading’ in polls in this state that Dems haven’t carried since 1992. Then two seconds later, Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple teenage girls when he was a grown ass man in his 30’s, starts looking like a shoe-in. How can this be? Well, we have to thank Conservative white women for that. Recent polls show that over 60% of white women support Roy Moore. These are the same women who threw their full support behind the Head P*ssy Grabber in Chief, Donald Trump. I’m looking at these women voting against themselves- in fact, one of the women who accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16, is a Republican who actually voted for Trump, and recently acknowledged that his support of Moore is disappointing- wondering if they got dropped on their heads when they were babies. Why are they voting like this?

For the answer, I go straight to white women. Since I only know a hand-full, and none of them voted for Trump (at least, not openly), I have to ask my white female liberal friends. What follows is white female Liberal's take on the voting logic of Conservative white women... 

5 Reasons You Should STOP Searching For Your Soul Mate

By Cia Edwards

And they lived happily ever after…

Or maybe they didn’t. As soon as our hormones kick in, we tend to gravitate to the notion that we have to find our “soul mate.” Or even the idea that there is someone out there who matches our personality and characteristics perfectly, which make them our perfect match.

However, how many of us who are in exclusive relationships can really say we’ve met our soulmate? And for the percentage of us who think we have met our “soul mates,” how many of us can say that they are 100% perfect in every aspect of their being?


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