7 Women Giving Us #ActivismGoals

Tamika D. Mallory speaking at the Women's March on Washington
There is nothing sexier than impacting positive change. And when we say sexy, we're talking about fearlessly walking in your purpose in such a way that everyone can't help but take notice of and appreciate how truly badass you are. We're talking #humanitygoals, #growuptobelikeyou, #pleaseupdatehistorybooks sexy. And for this reason, it's important to pay homage to women currently living and working among us who are taking social activism to the next level, inspiring the rest of us to ask ourselves,  'What am I doing to bring about change?' While there are countless powerful sistah's out there leading in communities across the country, we decided to highlight seven women giving us #activismgoals!

Can Brand Ambassadors and Social Media Influencers Be Trusted? Nikki Walton Weighs In.

By Kanisha Parks

When I went natural back in 2009, YouTube was the best place to find out how and what to use to maintain my hair. Product reviews were reliable—I wasn’t worried about whether or not I could trust the person’s opinion because brand compensation wasn’t yet a factor. But now it’s 2017 and every time someone suggests a product, the first thing I want to know is, “Were they paid to say this?”

How to Make Braids Last Longer

Yara Shahidi
 By Mary Wolff
Braids can be a curly girl’s best friend and her favorite go-to style. They can be done in a variety of styles and they help protect your strands from potential damage. For some naturals, it seems your braids only look their best for a short time and then you have no choice but to take them out. What are you doing wrong? Why aren’t your braids lasting and looking as great as the day you put them in? When looking for a few pointers on how to make braids last longer, we have some information that may help you achieve this goal.


Is It Okay To Let Your Boyfriend Discipline Your Kids?

By Erickka Sy Savané

I’m heading out for drinks with my cousin when she turns to her man and says, “If he gets out of hand, go ahead and spank him.” She’s referring to her 4-year-old son. I’m a little surprised because she’s been dating this guy less than a year. When I ask her if she thinks it’s a good idea to let him spank her kid she doesn’t see the problem. “If I’m gone, my son needs to know that he’s got to listen or he’s going to get popped,” she says, a little defensively. I leave it alone. But later, I’m definitely thinking about it.


Esperanza Spalding Gives Facebook Fans A Virtual Front Seat To Her New Album

By Mwabi Kaira

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a front row seat to the making of your favorite artist’s album? Multiple Grammy-winning vocalist, bassist, and song-writer Esperanza Spalding's newest album ‘Exposure’ did just that. Making good on an idea she came up with months ago, she recorded a live album over the course of 77 hours, before the watchful eyes of fans.

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