7 Beauty Tips For The Bride To Be

Photographer – Archyra Photgraphy

The wedding day is very special for all brides. Looking beautiful for her groom to be is essential, although achieving the desired look can be a daunting task. Along with the finding the perfect dress and accessories, brides stress over their wedding day beauty look as well. Making the decision to hire a professional makeup artist or simply do the makeup yourself can be a changeling one. If you don’t have the budget to splurge on a professional, here are a few tips for you to achieve your perfect look.

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7 Sweet Lessons from ‘Queen Sugar’ Season 2 Premiere

Written by Sharee Silerio

Summer has officially started, which means that the new season of “Queen Sugar” has arrived!

Along with the return of the Bordelon family comes a new column on Curly Nikki called “Reel Noire”, written by me! Every week, I will write a recap or review of black television shows and films, highlighting their life lessons, artistry and poignant moments.

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My First Ink.

So fun fact, I've been meditating off and on since the age of 7. Got into it again in college and then again 10 years ago and I've been meditating everyday, ever since-- both walking and sitting. After a couple of years of self-inquiry in the style of Ramana Maharshi, I became acutely aware of presence or 'beingness'. At first I thought I was aware of the presence. But it soon became abundantly clear that the presence is 'I' and aware of itself and completely independent of and prior to every appearance (including the body and mind), but also what allows every appearance to be! It is formless, faceless and omnipresent.

Nappi Hour Is Headed to New Orleans for Essence Fest

Photo by Nicci Briann/AFROTRAK
After successfully celebrating its sixth month anniversary in Chicago, Nappi Hour is headed to New Orleans for Essence Fest. Since launching in January, the event produced by AFROTRAK has grown to become one of the largest happy hour events for Black millennials in the Chicagoland area. Dubbed a place for us to "Come let your hair down after work," Nappi Hour fuses Afrobeats, Reggae, Jerk Chicken and Old School Family Reunion Vibes. Check out the photo recap below by in-house photographer Nicci Briann.

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New 'Afridate' Dating App Allows Users To Search For Matches Based On Nationality

When it comes to dating, it is a brave new digital world out there. While I still hear the occasional romantic tale of boy meets girl at some random book fair, night club, church picnic, ice cream festival or meetup, I’m much more likely to hear of such a connection being made by way of an online site or a dating app. According to a 2016 Pew Research Center Study, 80 percent of Americans think a website like OkCupid or an app like Tinder are good ways to meet people while majorities also believe that online dating is simpler, more effective and leads to better matches.

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