Taking A Stand: 'The Good Place' Actor Reveals He's DACA

Bambadjan Bamba 
By Mwabi Kaira

"The Sunday before the announcement, the President called a national day of prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. So I posted on social media, “here’s one thing we can agree on.” Then a friend hit me up and said, ‘what are you agreeing with him for? He wants to cancel DACA!’ I thought, no way. Then sure enough, the following week they announced the cancellation. My heart sank. It was the same hopelessness that I felt before I got DACA. I looked at my daughter and I knew I had to do something." -Bambadjan Bamba


Defending DACA Against America's War On Brown People

America Ferrera in NBC'S 'Superstore'
By Mwabi Kaira

I remember first seeing the commercials for NBC’s 'Superstore,' a comedy starring America Ferrera about a superstore, and thinking that it would never work. The joke was on me, I laughed through the multiple episodes I binged.  There was an episode where Mateo, the Filipino immigrant finds out quite by accident that he is undocumented.  The superstore, Cloud 9, is celebrating The Olympics and Mateo proudly displays his Philippines lapel pin to which his boss Glenn says he should be loyal to the United States.  

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