Letting Boog Be Great

...when shit gets real quiet, too quiet, and you sneak up on her and she's in the bathroom, in your makeup and you actively choose not to fuss and instead make a memory... couldn't tell her nothin'.  #IUsedToDoItToo #LettingBoogBeGreat #SheStaySlaying

Later Gators, 

This is 30 (+/-) 2

Birth #DayDranking with @stillnupey 

This makes my 14th born day spent with Dr. Daddy and we were most certainly on our #WorstBehavior.  Gearing up for next week... you should probably tune in.

Splash Pad Priss

Dainty. Nature or nurture? #MyBaby 
#PeepThatHand #SafetyFirst

Cinco de Madre!

Okay, so I know that the Spanish to English translation doesn’t make much sense, but I thought it was cute, so shut it!

Moving on, if you keep up with me and my shenanigans, then you know that my family LOVES a reason to party. I’m talking when Boogie got her first tooth, we almost popped a bottle and threw on the soundtrack to CARWASH. *does a little dance* So what better reason to celebrate than for my mother’s 50th birthday? In proper Lee fashion the whole family (and friends) got all fancied up in their Saturday night Sunday’s best to have a good time with Silver Bullet.  As was expected, we had a grand old time in St. Louis at a fabulous little place called CJ Muggs. Good music, good food, good drinks, and lots of laughs.  Happy Birthday Momma!!!!

 Check out the view:


I Never Take Off...

... ain't nobody got time for that! I just change the scenery.  

Professor Daddy.

Professor Daddy #WeBothCallHimThat #TMI #NikkiGetsGoodGrades  

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