Women's History Month: 3 Sisters Created the Largest Black Doll Museum in the World

Photo via Dolledaze
By Winnie Gaturu

What would you do if you had a collection of more than 5,000 dolls? Open a museum, maybe? Well, that's exactly what sisters Felicia Walker, Celeste Cotton and Debra Britt did with the black dolls they’d been collecting for more than 50 years. They would carry the dolls and take them to different venues to educate people about black history and culture, but eventually grew tired of packing and unpacking their huge collection, plus, they were running out of space so they decided to get them a proper home. This wasn't easy. It took 5 years to find a good location, a 3,500 square feet property in Mansfield, Massachusetts. And that's how the National Black Doll Museum, the largest in the world, came to be. 

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