Looking at FOX’s History, Their Racist Viewpoints Started Before Fox News

Fox News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy 
By Brenda Alexander

White Hollywood is apparently enraged with their employer, 21st Century FOX, over FOX News coverage of #45’s controversial border policies, which over the past few weeks have held immigrant children separated from their families and detained in unfamiliar (and horrible) territory. If you’re not familiar with 21st Century FOX as a company, it is Rupert Murdoch’s parent company of all FOX run content, including 20th Century FOX, FOX Sports, FOX Television Stations and of course FOX News - home to FOX & Friends and any other right-wing panel style show in which white journalists give their take on politics, social issues and entertainment that skews towards prejudice and racist commentary on any minority group. Not that FOX News has never done this before, they are known for it; but, I guess seeing images and videos of young children held in monstrous conditions was too much for the world, and white society, to take in. 

4 Ways To Hold Companies Accountable When Consumers Of Color Feel Disrespected

By Michelby Coco Whitehead

At the 75th Golden Globes Oprah said something that will carry us all throughout the year no matter what we are facing. She said “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Therefore, it's only right that H&M and any other racist companies feel our wrath in 2018. Since the explosion of consumer outrage on yesterday morning, the controversial advertisement of a Black boy in hoodie has been removed from its website and H&M has issued an apology. However, the sad reality is this could happen again with another company. To "stay woke" is to stay ready. Here are four ways we can speak truth to power the next time consumers of color are disrespected.


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