How-to Get a Sleek (Ninja) BUN on Very Kinky Natural Hair

Hi Ladies, 

In this video, I show how to achieve a sleek top knot on very kinky/thick hair! A lot of people negatively term tightly coily hair “nappy” when it’s absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully, this will show other type 4 naturals that they can do anything they want with their hair. It’s all about technique. Good luck and drop me a line in the comment section to let me know your thoughts! 

SLEEKEST Bun on Kinky Hair EVER For Type 4a/4b/4c

Hey Ladies,
Wanna know how to get kinky hair into a sleek and LAID bun, no extensions? Hair vlogger Zara has got you with this stress-free approach to the sleek bun, which takes a lot less time/energy than your typical, "super sleek" bun. Check out the video for a closer look and master this classic style that never goes out of style!

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