IrieScents: The Skin Care Line that Helps Eczema & Cancer

By Brenda Alexander

Many successful businesses begin by chance and for IrieScents owners Yolanda Washington and Samyra Lyles, their journey was no different.

Both lost their jobs and sought career changes that landed them in the same massage therapy school in Atlanta. After meeting and finding out they both hailed from Baltimore, they clicked, and later discovered they were actually blood cousins! Through an assignment to create a dual purpose massage product, they discovered the benefits of soy candles, along with a mutual love of skincare, and began to explore a product line together. Eventually, IrieScents was born.

I spoke to both Yolanda and Samyra on the benefits of their products and how it even helped when both battled cancer! From our chat and after testing the products myself, IrieScents is definitely here to stay.


Beloved Fashion Blogger Kyrzayda Succumbs to Cancer But Slays to Her Last Day

Kyrzayda Rodriguez
 By Ta-ning Connai

While watching American Idol one night back in 2009, I heard the most beautiful song; a song full of enough power to put the meaning of life and death in its proper perspective. 'Live Like We're Dying' was about waking up to the reality that life is short, tomorrow may never come and that it is of the utmost urgency to live everyday with unrestricted abandon, as if it were your last. And although I'd heard variations of that same message many times before, none seemed to have such an inspirational impact on me like that lyrical life lesson did. Nine years later, I can't say I have fully and consistently manifested that mantra in my life and I can't say that I've been an eyewitness to anyone else that embodied the entirety of those words either...until lifestyle and fashion blogger, Kyrzayda Rodriguez invited us on her incredible journey of living life while she was dying.


10-Year-Old Boy Grows Out Hair to Shoulder-Length to Donate to Cancer Patient

Image Credit: Angie Polus (Moore's mom)
By Winnie Gaturu

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the second largest killer in the world with millions of deaths being reported per year. The sad thing is that the disease affects both the young and old. Although it can be treated, especially when detected in its early stages, most types of treatment tend to take a toll on the patient. Perhaps one of the most known side effects of cancer treatment is hair loss which is mainly attributed to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. To most people, hair is an important part of their identity, so hair loss due to cancer treatment is devastating, especially to young kids.

This brings us to the story of Thomas Moore. When he was 8 years old he found his mother watching a video of a little girl losing her hair during chemotherapy. His mom went on to explain to him that the 5-year-old girl, Kyssi Andrew, was suffering from cancer and the treatment was responsible for her hair loss. At that moment, Moore was inspired to do something about it. He told his mother that he would grow out his hair and give it to Kyssi.

Why My BFF Is Fighting Stage 4 Cancer With Natural Medicine

Milly Bigay 
By Ailia Coley

The worst 'medicine' I ever got as a kid was a heaping spoon full of golden seal root in powdered form. The smell alone was enough to induce vomiting; somehow I kept it down and when I was old enough to swallow whole pills, I was given all sorts of herbal supplements in capsules. Make no mistake, these smelly herbs, belching up garlic clove on barley and reeking of Castile soap, olive oil and apple cider vinegar, was gross. But fast-forward 30 years and I realize how fortunate I was to be instilled with the nontraditional, naturopathic practices of my hippy parents.


This Cancer Is On The Rise In Millennial Women. Know The Symptoms.

By Mwabi Kaira

A week before Thanksgiving in 2014, we celebrated my brother and sister’s joint birthdays with a party. Somewhere between the dancing, the drinks and cutting the cake, my big sister casually mentioned that she hadn’t been feeling well and google had told her that she probably had colon cancer.  I rolled my eyes and thought she was being dramatic.  Everybody knows that Doctors despise google and the self-diagnosis it brings.  I told her to make the appointment to ease her fears and I would accompany her.  At 41 it was an uphill battle to get a colonoscopy scheduled because she was young and female.  Routine screenings are not recommended for adults under 50 and colon cancer has been more common in males historically.  A month later, I was in the waiting room scrolling my timelines when the doctor came out to inform me of the cancer he had found in my sister’s colon and the surgery he had to perform right away.  She had Stage 3 colon cancer.

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