Best Curlers For A Great Night's Sleep

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by Mary Wolff

Sometimes, your curls might need a little help getting in shape. Maybe you want to experiment with a different curl pattern or shape. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set and forget it with overnight curlers! However, finding the right curlers can be a pain, literally. So many curlers are uncomfortable to sleep with. Here are a few of the best curlers for a great night's sleep.

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Aloe Vera Gel to Style Natural Hair #CasualCurly

by Shelli of Hairscapades

Okay y’all. I didn’t expect to be doing a hair post this week. But, I got such awesome braid-out results from my wash day this weekend, I just had to share!!! This may be my new regimen if if consistently delivers the super soft, light, defined, and shiny results that I got this time!!

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How to Get a Big, Bad Bun #CasualCurly

I confess that anytime you see me with this bun, I was just being plain lazy... but it still looks like I did a lot, so, hehehe!

The maintenance is so easy, too. All I do is dab the hair with my LOC mix, smooth and go.
I can rock this for weeks if you let me!  The best part is that it doesn't stress my hair at all... very easy on the edges.

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