Two Phenomenal 2018 Calendars Capturing Black Beauty Perfectly

P-Diddy & Naomi Campbell via
By Winnie Gaturu

Over the centuries, human beings have always had the urge to track and measure time. In the past, this was done for various reasons such as predicting seasons for farming or hunting and planning for religious and cultural functions. The methods used to keep track of time revolved around observing the pattern and behavior of the sun, moon and stars. These methods have advanced over the years giving rise to our current calendar system. Although there are many calendars, the one that is most widely used is the Gregorian Calendar which was introduced in October 1582. Surprisingly, in this digital day and age, the Gregorian print calendar is still widely used and a common item in all households and offices. They also act as a convenient decor item especially if they have a photo theme.

With 2018 starting soon, here are two phenomenal calendars you might consider buying for the new year. Both capture black beauty perfectly and will make you feel proud of your roots! 

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