8 Stunning Buzz Cuts That Could Make You Big Chop!

Shay via @ShayGlam00
By Joce Blake

Coco Chanel said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

Muva was speaking the truth because a hair cut provides liberation and freedom for so many women. It is especially hard for women of color to choose to embrace that freedom because our culture romanticizes long, thick hair. The moment you tell your mom, aunt, or play cousin that you plan to cut your hair, they will act as if someone died. For decades, it has been instilled in us that our hair represents our crowns. This means cutting your hair signifies being stripped of your glory. Well, that is over and done because it's a new year, and we have the right to decide what our crowns bespeak. From rocking 4c kinky hair to donning a buzz cut, the choice is yours.

It Was Supposed To Be A Quick Trim...

By Erickka Sy Savané

It was supposed to be a quick trim before an event. My husband had been cutting my hair for the past few years and was largely responsible for my hard fought independence from hair. Obviously, I still had hair, but I'm talking about my freedom from twisting, curling, ironing, and curl defining. I’d finally embraced a pick out, which I love for its easy manageability. Pick, pat and go. Some days I don't even do that, I just wake up, mold it around with my hands, and I'm out. That said, I was now suddenly thrust back into the lion’s den when my hubby/barber accidentally cut a plug out of my hair.

“Oh sh*t,” he said, as the clippers grazed my neck so close I thought I saw blood. “I forgot to put the guide on."


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