The Struggle is Real: Are You Contemplating a Big Chop?

Let's face it, maintaining our natural hair takes work, and sometimes even vloggers, who seem to have all the answers, contemplate a big chop. This time, ya girl Zara has been feeling some kind of way about her gorgeous mane and is thinking of giving the chop a shot. In this transparent video she shares the highs as well as the lows of her hair journey. And what about you? Have you been thinking about a big chop? If so, tell us why? Chances are you aren't alone. If you like this video please like, subscribe and share the love!


Find Out the Secret to Using Fresh Aloe Vera Plant as a Deep-Conditioner!

Ever wonder how to use fresh aloe vera plant on your hair? CurlyGaisha is going to show you how to use it to help strengthen and bring back moisture to dry hair. You can find it at any fruit stand or in your local market. Hope you enjoy it, and if so, subscribe to CurlyGaisha's channel, like, comment, and share this post! 

How to Re-Moisturize DRY/CRUSTY Hair

Hi Guys,

Nigeria is very dry as the current season is “Harmattan.” Depending on the region it can last for what feels like 4-5 months. During this season, my skin and hair are extremely DRY so I’m showing you how I keep it soft and moisturized. Since it's ultra low porosity, I take certain steps during the week to re-moisturize but this method is effective for anyone! Keeping water, a low pH leave-in, and a sealant, constant, are the keys to success! I hope you enjoy!
Best Wishes,
Zara “EfikZara”


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