24 Shades of Business: A Coloring Book for the Black Entrepreneur's Soul

Book illustration by Shakira Rivers

By Michelby Coco-Whitehead

As a single 30-something with no children, I sometimes feel like I’m in my second childhood. I still watch cartoons and collect baby dolls that exude black girl magic with absolutely no shame. But coloring has never excited me as a kid, and it didn’t appeal to me in adulthood when my cousin mentioned her coloring book for women. I thought to myself: I ain’t THAT bored! But according to Psychology Today, there is power in coloring. Researchers say that coloring can be used to aid with therapy and as an intervention to relieve stress and anxiety. Taking this into consideration, I can now see why coloring books are the new wave. When I found the one created by Latoya Nicole, I was ecstatic.

North Carolina mover and shaker Latoya is a mental health professional, entrepreneur, and the brains behind 24 Shades of Business: An Adult Coloring Book, which features images of beautiful, boss women who are bloggers, doctors, makeup artists, teachers, yoga instructors, etc. It also contains mazes and motivational quotes. Recently, Latoya chatted with us about the inspiration behind her coloring book and why they're great therapy for black women, especially entrepreneurs!


Urban Fashion Pioneer April Walker: on Top of Her Game, 25 Years & Counting

Photos of April Walker Courtesy of April Walker
By Sharon Pendana   

When pioneering urban fashion designer April Walker was thirteen, she started kids gymnastics classes at Cadman Memorial Church in Brooklyn — not taking them, but teaching them — charging $5 per child. During high school, she combed the garment district for apparel to buy wholesale then resell at a profit. Though she aced all the civil service exams, after college, she didn't settle for a good government job. She’s always known the value of her skills, with a confidence that’s fueled her entrepreneurial fire and kept her hustle going for over twenty-five years.


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