This Harlem Woman Loved Hats So Much She Bought a Hat Factory

Photo of Georgiette Morgan-Thomas by Hillary Swift for TheNewYorkTimes
By Winnie Gaturu

Georgiette Morgan-Thomas is a woman who wears many hats, literally. She is a pastor, an entrepreneur and a pretty good manager. Over the years, Georgiette has been able to seamlessly incorporate hats into her daily lifestyle, and has a hat for every occasion and wears them just about everywhere. Due to her "hat obsession," she currently owns more than 100 of them. That's not all. She also owns a hat factory called American Hats LLC.


And The Harlem Candle Company Winners Are...

Hey Ladies,
It's Monday Win-day! We asked what you love about your work and you let us have it! So inspiring to see why you love what you do! Keep reading to find out if you're 1 of 4 winners of these cool "Holiday" and "Langston" candles from Harlem Candle Company!


Watch What Happens When Sidra Smith Is Mistaken For Identical Twin, Actress Tasha Smith In Harlem!

Sidra Smith
Life has its challenges when you're an identical twin. People are always mistaking you for the other person... sometimes navigating the case of mistaken identity can be both fun and frustrating! Peep this video shared on Sidra Smith's instagram, of what happened in Harlem over the weekend when she was mistaken for her identical twin, actress Tasha Smith!"
Can you say "I'm not the lady from the Tyler Perry movie!"

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