Tell It Tuesday: Homeless to Harvard Teen Knows Real Success

Richard Jenkins
By Ta-ning Connai 

Sometimes the road to success is littered with disaster. For 18-year old Richard Jenkins, homelessness and lots of humiliation tried to obstruct his path. Yet, while living in a shelter surrounded by hopelessness and despair, he reached for books as his way of escape. As word spread at school regarding his obsession with reading, bullies taunted him relentlessly and called him “Harvard” as a joke. But his enemies had NO IDEA they were actually prophesying his future ‘cause baby boy can now officially say, “Whaddup Harvard University! I'm on my way and my scholarship is PAID IN FULL!” My my my, look who got the last laugh on his way to real success!


Harvard Law Review Elects First Black Woman President

ImeIme Umana
By Mwabi Kaira

Twenty seven years ago Harvard Law Review elected its first black President. His name was Barack Obama. Presidents of the Law Review in the 130-year history have been white, male, female, Hispanic, Asian-American, black, openly gay and now for the first time, the first black women has been elected. Twenty-four-year-old ImeIme Umana, daughter of Nigerian immigrants was elected this past January by the review’s 92 student editors as the president of its 131st volume.

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