5 Tips for Healthily Detangling Your Hair

By Sonya Eskridge

Detangling is the foundation on which all natural styles are built, but there is a right way to do it and a, well, more difficult way. You can’t just start tear into your locks hoping for the best or you will literally tear your hair up. Check out these five quick tips to detangle your hair with the least amount of damage.


A Natural Hair ONLY Salon Owner Gives Us The Skinny on Why She Switched!

 Curls on fleek at The Loft Hair Studio
By Erickka Sy Savané

I must admit, when I hear of natural hair only salons, my first thought is, are there enough customers to sustain it and what can it offer Naturalistas, the queens of DIY? So when mom of four, and natural hair salon owner (The Loft Hair Studio) Sharita Payton reached out to CurlyNikki to chat natural hair, we figured it would be a great opportunity to ask her some pressing (get it) questions?

Here's what this stylist of 20 + years had to say about switching her salon from all-purpose to natural hair only, whether she received backlash, and what she has to offer natural-haired women!

Does Zinc Help Hair Grow Longer

Photo: nftips.com
By Mary Wolff

We all want long, healthy hair. When it comes to generating new growth, it can feel like a slow, painful journey. Many naturals turn to supplements as a way to get the results they want with a little more speed. However, a lot of what you read online may just be hype or hearsay, neither of which really do you any good. When it comes to supplements, there are several which are touted as hair miracles. What about zinc? Does zinc help hair grow longer?


Do Certain Juices Help Hair Grow Faster?

Photo: Gainsvillegrub.com
By Mary Wolff
The juice craze is at full-force with today’s health conscious crowd. With more and more people worried about getting the right nutrients into their busy day, juicing is a great way to guarantee a healthy intake of vitamins, fatty acids, and other essential elements. There are sure signs that juicing can be beneficial to your health, but what about your hair? Do certain juices help hair grow faster? Let’s take a look at this hot topic.


 Vitamin D for Healthy Hair

By Mary Wolff

When it comes to your hair, you want it to be as healthy as possible. Most people understand the connection between the foods we eat and the way we feel. Did you know the foods you eat are just as important in the way you look, too? This should come as no surprise to anyone that a well-balanced diet is key to looking and feeling your best. However, there have been some new studies which look at the role of Vitamin D in particular as related to healthy hair. While it takes several different elements of nutrition to get great locks, there are many reasons to add more Vitamin D for healthy hair.


ULTIMATE Products for Growing LONG/THICK Natural Hair By Zara

Hi Guys, 
I'm back with a new vid! This time, I'm detailing the FULL (unabridged, lol) list of my favorite products! These products have aided my hair growth, retention, and health, IMMENSELY. All of them are my "holy of holiest grail" products. They are superb for hair that is protein sensitive and low porosity.


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