Black Girl In The Rok Niesha Davis On Why She Moved To China & Other Things

Black Girl In The Rok Niesha Davis
Ever thought about living abroad, but for some reason you keep talking yourself out of it? I don't speak the language, I won't know anyone, I'm too old, too young, yada, yada, yada...well, while you're thinking about it there are Sisters moving abroad every single day. Former ESL teacher-turned-magazine-editor Niesha Davis is one such woman. Listening to why she moved abroad might inspire you to go ahead and take the leap; if not, just follow her youtube channel as she hips us to her many adventures from the Chinese dating scene to apartment hunting, getting her natural hair done and more!


A Doctor Mistook My Diabetes Symptoms for a Yeast Infection — How to Avoid My Fate

By Niesha Davis

It all started with an itch down there. At first, I thought my newfound discomfort was brought on by a new hygiene routine. “It must be that new body wash I bought,” I said to myself. I always heard rumors that cleansing yourself down there with fruity, fragranced soaps could wreak havoc on the pH balance in your vagina, and now it seems I was paying the price. I hurried myself to the bathroom to wash off with something less pungent, and relief came, albeit temporarily. But the tingly feeling never subsided and it returned with a vengeance later the next evening. In the days that followed, the feeling intensified and eventually progressed to a full-blown rash. I began to panic...

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