Tell It Tuesday: How Football Led Kaepernick to a Higher Calling

Photo illustration by Cristiana Couceiro. Source photograph of Colin Kaepernick: Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/ Getty Images.

By Ta-ning Connai

There’s nothing like a man on a mission, especially a man who didn’t set out to be on one. Colin Kaepernick was getting busy on the turf when the call to activism came knocking. His stand against racial injustice came by way of a kneel and the rest, my friend, is history. 

Photo of Fawn Weaver via The New York Times
By Mwabi Kaira

I didn’t know who Fawn Weaver or Nearest Green were before I watched a Breakfast Club interview recently. The interview was so intriguing that I did some more research because I had to know more. Fawn Weaver was on vacation in Singapore the summer of 2016 when she read about Nearest Green (born Nathan Green), the Lynchburg Tennessee slave who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey. Jack Daniel's, the global whiskey brand had its beginnings from a slave? Wow. Fawn was impressed too and soaked up the story; she wanted to learn everything she could about the slave she had to read about all the way in Singapore, and his importance to such a well-known global brand.

And iDanced: Shane Johnson Gives Us a Peek Into the World of Hip Hop Dance Pioneers

Promotional photo for And iDanced with Shane Johnson
By Brenda Alexander

In a time where music videos with coinciding choreography that you mimic in front of your bedroom mirror are almost nonexistent, most hip dances are learned via Youtube and Instagram. With the exception of Beyonce’s core background dancers, the days where artists have a signature ensemble of dancers employed are long gone. I grew up in the 90s where dancers were a vital part of a performance or video. Dancers, at one point, were the main attraction, more so than the artist. Those dancers weren’t known by name but they were recognized by their faces and their moves. Many were associated with the artists they worked with. Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson all had some of the greatest dancers and choreography in its prime. There was one dancer at the center of it all during that time: Shane Johnson.


Urban Fashion Pioneer April Walker: on Top of Her Game, 25 Years & Counting

Photos of April Walker Courtesy of April Walker
By Sharon Pendana   

When pioneering urban fashion designer April Walker was thirteen, she started kids gymnastics classes at Cadman Memorial Church in Brooklyn — not taking them, but teaching them — charging $5 per child. During high school, she combed the garment district for apparel to buy wholesale then resell at a profit. Though she aced all the civil service exams, after college, she didn't settle for a good government job. She’s always known the value of her skills, with a confidence that’s fueled her entrepreneurial fire and kept her hustle going for over twenty-five years.


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