Are Locs With Relaxed Edges A New Trend?

Photo via google
By Erickka Sy Savané
Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t think it true. Relaxed edges with locs? And just in case you're wondering how I knew this woman's edges were relaxed, I know relaxed edges. When you grow up from a young age getting relaxers, then start doing your own from early teens till your mid-twenties, you know relaxed edges. When you shave off your edges in high school with a razor because you over-processed them from too many kitchen relaxers, you know relaxed edges. Plus, this woman's 6-year-old daughter had relaxed hair, so it's not like she's anti-creamy crack. Maybe I'm being judgey, but this is a natural hair site, so safe to say that though women are free to make whatever hair choices they want, most of us are beyond putting relaxers in our daughter's hair, the burning scalp from the chemicals alone are enough to give one the I'm looking at this woman's locs, trying to figure out why she's relaxing her edges. But then again, I also find it odd that some women with natural hair are relaxing their edges, yet I'm seeing it more and more- with braids especially. So why not locs? Can’t they relax their edges too? 


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