How Would You React If A Man You Loved Was Accused Of Sexual Assault?

Music mogul Russell Simmons © Lucas Jackson / Reuters
By Veronica Wells

If you’ve been even semi conscious in the past few months, it would have been impossible for you to avoid the news about men, in various industries, being accused of everything from sexual harassment to rape. Things have died down a bit now; but for a good two to three months there was a new name to add to the list of potential predators every week.


5 Things I Learned Early About Sexual Misconduct

By Vince Lake

Amid what's taken place lately in the media with all these men in positions of power being accused of various forms of misconduct; it has made me reflect upon myself and place my own behavior under the microscope. As an adult, I can say I’ve never compromised myself with placing a woman in an uncomfortable position. With that said, I’m not perfect neither. The recent climate of male sexual misconduct that’s been brought to light is damaging. I sincerely have empathy for the victims, women/men. And I hope there's merit to their claims. On that note, I’d like to bare my truth with you.

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