'This Is Us' Actor Lonnie Chavis Has an Epic Question for Internet Trolls

Lonnie Chavis
By Erickka Sy Savané

If 11-year-old Lonnie Chavis looks familiar to you it's because he plays adorable young Randall on the Emmy-award-winning show 'This Is Us.' An actor since age 4, Lonnie has grown up in the business and has 145k instagram followers to prove it. But where there's love, there's also hate. Lonnie's celebrity status makes him a troll magnet just like anyone else. So when he recently took to his instagram account to address trolls who constantly tease him about the gap in his teeth, we had to clap at the clapback. He said, "I can fix my gap...but can you fix your ________ though?" Bonus if you can fill in the blank. And we applaud this youngun' for being strong, and using negativity as an opportunity to spread love!


'This Is Us' Gets It Right With The Reality Of Transracial Adoption


'This Is Us' stars Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, & Justin Harley

NBC's “This is Us” took America by storm when it hit the airwaves last year. The show follows twins Kevin and Kate, and their adopted African American brother Randall, who was incidentally born on the same day, as they navigate their adult lives and flashbacks of their parents. Randall (played magnificently by Sterling K. Brown as evidenced by his recent Emmy win), though successful with a beautiful family of his own, still wonders who his birth parents are. We see the pain he endured growing up with little-to-no African-Americans in his predominantly white community, and the questions. Was it worth it?

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