Tell It Tuesday: When All Else Fails, Climb the Statue of Liberty

Patricia Okoumou
By Ta-ning Connai

The Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July...what an ironic time and place to wage a protest against immigration laws, considering what both the monument and holiday stand for. It was the perfect place for Rise and Resist (a New York activist group) to oppose the Trump administration's asinine policy of inhumanely snatching innocent children from their parents.

And as disbelief swept across the globe and we saw children psychologically tortured and literally encaged, it was Patricia Okoumou, a member of Rise and Resist, who put her compassion to the test by making a statement of her own.


5 Mins. With the Mom Who Pulled Up on a Kid Who Called Her N*gger in Viral Video

Ayo Henry & young white supremacist 
By Kira Sparkles

While scrolling through Facebook one night, I found a video of the woman that I wish I was in the face of adversity. Meet Ayo Henry of Rhode Island. Mother of four. Derby Girl. Badass. She charged unapologetically forward ready to mom the hell out of a kid who called her n*gger. Lucky for me, we're part of a mutual interest group on Facebook so I was able to snag Ayo to ask her all about the infamous video that has trended on World Star, Raw Story, TheRoot, and even D.L. Hughley gave it some love! This is what she had to say about the incident...

Tell It Tuesday: Will Kanye Ever Be Great Again?

Photo taken by Ta-ning Connai in her Santa Monica neighborhood
By Ta-ning Connai

As soon as we think we've recovered from Kanye’s last outrageous stunt...SURPRISE!....he hits us with another dose of untapped foolishness! He recently poured out some pretty glowing feelings about the POTUS and I suppose he had to ignore Trump’s racist, misogynistic and morally decayed views in order to esteem him that way. The suck up continued with words like “brother,” “love,” and “dragon energy” (huh???) followed by a pic of Kanye sporting a Make America Great Again cap (again). But this isn't a person simply exerting the right to his opinion or political views, as his wife Kim tried to defend. Sadly, his comments point to his slow, but deliberate path towards “white is right, black is whack” (a phrase going back to the 70’s), and that alone is more disheartening than who he would cast his vote for.

Women's March & White Women on What to do About White Female Trump Voters

Women's March 2018
By Erickka Sy Savané
This past weekend marked a year that Donald Trump has been our Commander-in-Thief, I mean, Chief, and the moment was not lost on women. Just like one year ago when millions of women  joined together to march and make our voices heard this year was no different. Over 250 marches were held worldwide with the focus on voter registration. With that being the case, we can't forget about white women who voted to the tune of roughly 54% to put Donald Trump in office, as well as the white female voters who threw their support behind Roy Moore (alleged pedophile) running for Senate in Alabama. Incidentally, Moore lost because black women said, 'no way in hell' and voted to the tune of 98% for opponent Doug Jones. That being said, with the mid-term elections coming up in November and another Presidential election in 2020, what can be done about these women who are like kryptonite to progress? Since many black women like myself don't know their logic, I decided to ask some white women I know in Jersey City what can be done about white female Trump voters. Here's what they had to say...


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