The Face of Now: Winnie Harlow Covers Elle UK!

Winnie Harlow

By Brande Victorian

Remember last week when Winnie Harlow asked, “Do you see me suffering?” after The Evening Standard labeled her a “vitiligo sufferer“? I think it’s fair to ask that question again after seeing the model on the cover of Elle UK’s May issue. The beauty is the definition of living life in color as she stuns in Gucci and complementary pastel-colored makeup as the mag’s cover model.


Vitiligo Queen: "What I Thought Was a Curse is a Blessing to Me Now."

By Erickka Sy Savané

50 million people have vitiligo, the skin disorder where the body loses its melanin. That's 1% of the population- 2.5 million in the United States. Fortunately, because of models like Winnie Harlow and Covergirl's Amy Deanna, many of us are becoming much more aware of it. For Vitiligo Queen, who began losing pigment at age 5, vitiligo has become a surprising blessing. Just listening to her speak about it will have you giving thanks for some of the less obvious blessings in your life!

Let’s talk about this Winnie Harlow inspired vitiligo doll!

By Winnie G.

Everyone has their way of contributing some good to the world. @kayke_k, a doll artisan, does this by painting eye-catching dolls that reflect the diversity we have. You can check our her work and see how amazing it is. Well, one of her creations has completely taken the internet by storm. She’s created a vitiligo Barbie like doll. You’ve probably seen it doing the rounds on the internet especially on Instagram and if you haven’t, now you know! The doll bears a striking resemblance to Winnie Harlow.


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