Women's March & White Women on What to do About White Female Trump Voters

Women's March 2018
By Erickka Sy Savané
This past weekend marked a year that Donald Trump has been our Commander-in-Thief, I mean, Chief, and the moment was not lost on women. Just like one year ago when millions of women  joined together to march and make our voices heard this year was no different. Over 250 marches were held worldwide with the focus on voter registration. With that being the case, we can't forget about white women who voted to the tune of roughly 54% to put Donald Trump in office, as well as the white female voters who threw their support behind Roy Moore (alleged pedophile) running for Senate in Alabama. Incidentally, Moore lost because black women said, 'no way in hell' and voted to the tune of 98% for opponent Doug Jones. That being said, with the mid-term elections coming up in November and another Presidential election in 2020, what can be done about these women who are like kryptonite to progress? Since many black women like myself don't know their logic, I decided to ask some white women I know in Jersey City what can be done about white female Trump voters. Here's what they had to say...


This Black, Female-lead Organization is on a Mission to Mobilize 1 Million Black Women & Dollars by 2020!

Glynda C. Carr (center) & Kimberly Peeler-Allen in discussion with Alexis McGill Johnson (Photo courtesy of Glynda C. Carr)
By Sharon Pendana

Since 2013, Higher Heights for America has been at the forefront of mobilizing America's black, female citizenry at every level of civic engagement— local, state and national— rallying black women to not only exercise their right to vote but to seek public office and claim a seat at the table to shape policy. Founded by friends Glynda C. Carr and Kimberly Peeler-Allen, who share a passion for justice and the potential black women hold to effect positive change in the American democracy, it's growing a network of members across the country committed to building a political infrastructure and power base for black women. 

Standouts both, Carr is the former Executive Director of Education Voters of New York, where she became New York’s youngest African American woman to run a statewide advocacy organization; and Peeler-Allen, from 2003-2014 helmed Peeler-Allen Consulting, the only African American full-time fundraising consulting firm in New York State. Poised for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, co-founder Glynda Carr spoke with Curly Nikki about Higher Heights’ coffee shop genesis, lofty goals and the indomitable power of black women at the polls and in elected office. 


Liberal White Women On Why Conservative White Women Vote Against Themselves

Photo via nbcnews.com
By Erickka Sy Savané

Like many, I have been following the Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones Senate race in Alabama. One minute, Democrat Doug Jones is ‘leading’ in polls in this state that Dems haven’t carried since 1992. Then two seconds later, Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple teenage girls when he was a grown ass man in his 30’s, starts looking like a shoe-in. How can this be? Well, we have to thank Conservative white women for that. Recent polls show that over 60% of white women support Roy Moore. These are the same women who threw their full support behind the Head P*ssy Grabber in Chief, Donald Trump. I’m looking at these women voting against themselves- in fact, one of the women who accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16, is a Republican who actually voted for Trump, and recently acknowledged that his support of Moore is disappointing- wondering if they got dropped on their heads when they were babies. Why are they voting like this?

For the answer, I go straight to white women. Since I only know a hand-full, and none of them voted for Trump (at least, not openly), I have to ask my white female liberal friends. What follows is white female Liberal's take on the voting logic of Conservative white women... 

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