by Ann Brown via MadameNoire

Have you often wondered why you haven’t been promoted at work, despite your efforts and knowledge of the job? A new study found that Black women are often overlooked for promotions because of a disconnect that exists between us and our managers.

It’s a career fact: Black women face many obstacles in the workplace, from dealing with racial challenges to falling victim to gender biases. A new study not only confirms this, but narrows in on the disconnect many Black women in the workplace have with their managers. According to the research commissioned by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co., women of color still “face even more biases and barriers to advancement” than white women.

Pay Equity: Not Gaining the World, Not Losing My Soul

By Dawn Washington

Last year I made $43K. I often wonder if everyone went to their jobs tomorrow and did what I just did, that is, told everyone in the office how much they made, would there still be a wage gap in this country? In the American workplace, it is generally discouraged to discuss salary. I have learned in life that anything that is asked to be kept secret becomes an opportunity for lies, deceit, abuse, exploitation, etc. If inequity is shrouded in darkness, no one will challenge it. If everyone discussed their salaries openly, wouldn't management have to give an account for why Tom makes more than Tyrone and why Becky makes more than Brenda?

Secrets are also opportunities for shame.

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