Hi Everyone,

In this video, I demonstrate how to use henna for thicker hair and a slew of other benefits! I was first introduced to henna almost a decade ago via so really my journey has come full circle! I hope you enjoy my simple henna mixture and use it to reap the benefits of this powerful plant. If you give it a try, be sure to leave a comment!

Best Wishes,
Zara “EfikZara”


Glow All the Way Up With Practical Tips From Your Girl Zara!

Hey Ladies,

In this video, your girl Zara shares some practical tips on how to “glow up!"

She says, "A lot of young men and women attempt to reach rather unattainable standards (by mimicking what they see on social media). I’m here to remind people that, it’s not difficult to be popping as long as you are working on being your best self."

And we might add that both pics- the before & after- are beautiful!


Get Ready With Zara: See How She Gets Her Signature Look!


If you've been watching fabulous natural hair vlogger Zara for a while you've probably said to yourself, "Gee, her makeup looks great!" Well, Zara's gonna take you behind-the-scenes to see exactly how she gets her look! And don't you just love that baby blue?!?

The Moving-to-Nigeria Survival Guide

Zara and Nicola move to Nigeria and Nicola has the perfect survival guide! Watch her dish on everything from married men, to makeup, internet and celebs. Enjoy oooh!!!!!

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