How to Achieve Pastel Hair Color Without The Commitment

 We’ve all seen it: Ariana’s lavender tresses, Zayn rocking neon pink, and Camila Cabello’s hues of purple that are ushering us into the lighter colors of the fall. Pastel hair looks fabulous on any curl type or texture, but we all know that creating these beautiful colors can put some wear and tear on your curls due to the intense dyes and chemicals. The misconception is that you must go blond before you can add any real color to your hair, but with a booming beauty industry making hair color more accessible and convenient, there are alternatives. Have no fear — if you are looking to put some pastel into your hair this season without the damage, we have a few alternatives to help keep your wallet and curls happy.


5 Best Hair Dyes for at Home Coloring

by Mary Wolff

Changing your hair color is one of the easiest ways to get a fresh, new look. With natural hair, you have to be careful about which products you use when taking a DIY approach. You can’t use just any hair color product and hope for the best! Here are a few of the best hair colors for at home coloring.

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