7 Awkward Natural Hair Moments

 by YoufroGirl via GlobalCouture

#1 When your co workers or random people ask if they can touch it.
Sigh…I’m sure we have all been there. Whether short, long, big or small, people are intrigued by natural hair. They want to put their hands all over it and run their fingers through it. Or they do the “polite pet” on top of your head as if you were the featured animal at the national zoo. It happens to me all the time; on the metro, at work, in restaurants and while I’m out shopping.

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'Awkward Stage'- Natural Hair Tips

It's an old upload by the lovely Amanda G but no less relevant! If you're in the mid-length stages, check these out! 

Here's another by AuCurls Naturelle-

Are you currently #TeamAwkwardStage?  If so, tell us below!  

If you've 'been there done that', share what got you through.  

The Two Year Itch?

Are you in that awkward phase... a little too long to rock a TWA, but a little too short to achieve a bun or ponytail? You know, that phase where many get the itch to chop... again.

If so, send me a pic of you rocking your favorite style and a short blurb about how you've coped with this stage in your natural hair journey.

Email [email protected] and use 'awkward' as the subject line! Thanks!

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