How to Maintain an Afro- Night Time Routine

Watch as the lovely Shekia Renea shows us how she maintains her afro at night!

Gettin' it Like It's 2006. (Nightly Regimen Tweaks)

It's Friday and this joy I've got has very little to do with my hair.  But while we're on the subject, this is the morning of day 3 with Marc Anthony's 'Stretch', which is precisely what I'm doing-  trying to make this ish streeeetch 'til tomorrow.  As I've mentioned before, pineappling the wedge yields rather unpredictable results (it pulls the sides straight), and while sleeping with it 'out' on a satin pillow case usually works, some unfortunate mornings I wake up to an unintentional asymmetrical bob.

Read on for my bedtime reggie>>>

The World Didn't Come to an End...

I Didn’t Twist My Hair Last Night and the World Didn’t Come To an End

by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChic

Ok, ok, before you turn up and start going in on me about breaking a cardinal natural hair care sin, let me explain a few things. I am a rule follower; I don’t cuss in front of my parents, I don’t liter, and I don’t run red lights. So of course I am all too familiar with the basic nighttime ritual rules; must rebraid/retwist or pineapple, must sleep in satin scarf. However, there are some days when I have no intention of leaving my house the next day or when I am just not feeling it, I confess to laying my head down on a satin pillow case and calling it a night. Such was the case last week. Try as I might, I could not will myself to stand in front of nobody’s mirror and do anything to my massive coils besides look at it. The thought of separating, spraying, or anything of that nature was exhausting so I literally said eff it and went to bed. The ultimate blasphemy against natural hair code, I know.


The Multi-Pineapple for Short Hair


by EllePixie of Quest for the Perfect Curl

Think your hair is too short to pineapple? You thought wrong!

So yesterday, I was having hair talk with one of my girls on the hair board, and she was telling me how much she looooooves pineappling. Her hair is much longer than mine, and she’s my hair nemesis (jokingly, of course), so my response was, “Psssssssssh, I can’t make a ponytail, I can’t pineapple!” She was very encouraging and let me know that she couldn’t pineapple until she was about a year and a half or two years into her hair journey, and when I got there, I’d LOVE it.

But it got me to thinking…sure I can’t make a FULL ponytail, but I sure can get some bunches of my hair in a ponytail easily. So what did I do? I got off my couch and sauntered over to Rite Aid, and picked up a pack of Mini Scrunchies – these kind:

When I got home, I split my hair into five sections – two on top of my head (my hair is thick, so I didn’t want the scrunchie to be too tight and make dents in my hair), one in the back, and one on each side. I pretty much ended up looking like one of the Snorks. Observe, my friends…


How 'Bed Head' Prevents You From Retaining Length

by Michelle of

For years I would go to bed, laying directly on my hair without a second thought of what it would look like in the morning. When I woke up the next day, I’d have what’s commonly referred to as “bed head"- - tangles galore and hair so dry that it could double for a pot cleaner. What’s that called again? A brillo pad!  Whenever I went to bed without attending to my hair, I’d tell myself, “I’ll deal with it in the morning.” I was either too tired or too lazy to take the few extra minutes needed to deal with my hair. Not good.


Make it Last Forever- Nightly Natural Hair Routine

Shekia Renea is back with her nightly hair routine! 

Achieving Third Day Hair- Preserving the Curl

Throw it up, throw it up

Set Your Natural Hair For Bed, in 10 Minutes

Watch as the homie, Yolanda Renee sets her hair in 10 minutes or less to achieve gorgeous hair tomorrow!

"Let's show struggling naturals and natural curious sistas that it doesn't take as much maintenance and styling as they think. Let's show them we can set our hair for bed in just under 10 minutes to have big beautiful curls in the morning!"

The Real Satin Bonnet- Choosing the Right Scarf

One of the most beneficial things you can do to maintain the health of your hair is to cover it at night. Whether you wrap it with a scarf or don a bonnet, protecting your hair from your bed sheets is important. You may be unaware, but your cotton bed sheets are leaching the moisture right out of your hair when you sleep at night. So when you moisturize before bed and lay your head to rest, you could wake up with dry frizzy hair. Also the friction between your strands and the cotton fibers could cause damage.

Choosing the Right Scarf

Now that you know of the benefits of covering your hair at night, the quick fix would be to go down to your local beauty supply store and pick up one of their satin scarves or bonnets. While those are the easy solution, they are not the best. Many of us have been lead to believe that these products have been made from satin but they are not. Instead they have been manufactured with cheaper nylon. This deception is very reminiscent of products that claim to have amazing ingredients but are padded with cheap fillers like mineral oil and petrolatum.

While nylon is not detrimental to your hair, it doesn’t provide the adequate protection it needs. The nylon used has a very loose weave which means that there are lots of gaps in the fabric where the moisture can escape as opposed to real satin that is created with a much tighter weave. The difference is very evident when the two fabrics are held up to the light. Nylon appears to be semi transparent as it allows a lot of light to peek through, whereas real satin, which is woven more tightly, should block most if not all of the light. Also, in terms of creating a smooth surface to prevent friction, nylon cannot hold a candle to the real satin.

Lastly and most importantly, real satin is far more durable than the fake satin. I’m sure many of you out there can relate to having to buy several scarves and bonnets because they quickly tear and get damaged. This is a testament to the low quality of the material. Real satin, however, is a sturdier fabric that is not easily stretched or torn. Because of real satin’s superiority, it’s more expensive than the fake. To some this may be a deterrent, but as my mother always says, cheap things are not always good, and good things are not always cheap.

Now that you curlies know the difference, the choice is up to you as to which scarves and bonnets you want to invest in. Since experiencing real satin I simply cannot go back. When I wake up my hair is softer and more moisturized. I may just be seeing things, but my edges also seem to be in better shape too.

I made the switch, so the question now is, will you? Also, if you have already made the switch, did you notice a difference in the health of your hair? Feel free to share below.

Natural Hair- Night Time Routines

Hola Chicas,

It's Thursday which means we've officially taken over Essence for the day!

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Check out my latest installment, where I discuss in detail, tips for how to prepare your curls for bed. Head over there, check it out, 'like it', share it and comment! Also, leave questions of your own for the next article!

Thanks divas!

Later Gators,

Nightime Routine- Is It Too Much?!

I've tried several night-time routines (namely the the pineapple and the multipineapple), which leave me with horribly awkward stretched strands in a weird mushroom explosion shape. See for yourself:

Lately I've come across several videos of other curlies' nighttime routines...and many of them take so long and are so intricate that they resemble my actual styling sessions.

Here's what I do to maintain my hair at night:
-Spritz my entire head with water
-Loosely twist my hair using big sections of hair (about 10)
-(Bantu knot my twists if I want a curlier look)
-Don a satin bonnet

It takes me abouut 10 minutes total. On some nights, I'll gently detangle my hair using a wide-tooth comb, which adds about 5 minutes to my prepping time.

How long does it take you to prep your hair at night?

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

by Shelli of Hairscapades

Alright, I admit it. I’m not just a product junkie. I’m also a “bonnet” junkie! You see, although I use a satin pillowcase (I own five *smh*) to avoid the moisture robbing effect of cotton, I tend to toss and turn a lot during the night. So, without some type of additional hair protection, I’d have two potential problems: crazy morning hair and friction damaged strands. In order to ensure that I have hair that I can easily coax back into submission in the morning and to reduce excessive movement and rubbing of my hair during the night, I employ satin “headgear” as part of my daily protective routine. This is one of the “little” things that I do on a daily basis to protect my strands from mechanical damage so that I can achieve my Grow Out Challenge goal.

Anywho, over the last year or two, I have amassed quite a collection of head coverings. I didn’t realize how many until I stopped one day to look at a bonnet in my vanity and saw that it was stuffed far past capacity with multiple silk and satin scarfs, do rags, hair “socks” and … well … more bonnets! You see, I’d come to realize that no single bonnet or scarf works for every style. Therefore, I gradually purchased several different head wraps based upon my style protection needs. So, I figured I’d share those that I’ve acquired and the styles for which I use them. ‘Cuz, you know, Sharing is Caring ;) !!

Satin/Silk Scarf: Keeps edges controlled and protected when wearing hair in a high or mid-height bun or pineappled. Tips: Place a bonnet over the scarf when wearing a high bun to keep the bun protected and neat as well. Also, if you have problems with scarf slippage, try securing it with a few large flat bobby pins (aka doobie pins) around the front perimeter before putting on the bonnet. I’ve found this helps keep my scarf AND bonnet in place during the night.

Medium-Sized Satin Bonnet: Twist and Curl sets, roller sets (small to medium-sized rollers), pincurls, cornrows, flat-twists, small buns, TWAs, short to medium length WnGs, finger coils, twists and other “low profile” sets/styles.

Large Bonnet: Big, high buns, large roller sets, WnGs, finger coils and twists on BAAs and medium length curls/coils.

“Do Rag” Style Scarf:
These are good for low buns (loose hair, braided or twists) as they create a “hood” to keep hair smooth and controlled all the way to the bun. This is also another good option for “low profile” styles that you want to keep smooth.

Pocket Bonnet:
As CurlyNikki has already demonstrated, these are great for medium to long loose twists and braids. They keep hair smooth at the hairline and enclose the length and ends of the hair, but are roomy enough to prevent “smooshing” and flattening of the twists and braids.

Knee-Length Half Slip
: Yup, that’s what I said. LOL! Necessity is the mother of invention! Regular bonnets would crush and flatten my WnGs back in the day (they weren’t as long, but they were bigger!) and sleeping with loose hair wasn’t an option as I would wake up with a wild, matted, curl-flattened and lopsided mess. So, as I mentioned in this post last week, I came up with an alternative. I started using a half slip, secured at the open hanging end with a hair elastic to create a roomy bonnet. So, this could be a solution for those with big or long hair for which a bonnet and/or the pineapple just isn’t working for your WnG, braid/twist out or TnC.

Hair Net: Although this isn’t a bonnet per se, it is a good option for those of us who like to do wet or “damp” sets, but whose hair takes forever and a day to dry! It provides control without sacrificing airflow. However, since hair is exposed, I would strongly recommend sleeping on a satin bonnet too. (Note: I picked up this clever tip from this post by Curly Nikki Guest Blogger G G.)

With the exception of the first silk scarf and the half-slip, I found all of these items at my local Sally Beauty Supply for less than $4 each! And, I still didn’t show you all of my headgear. Don’t even get me started on what I might be wearing to bed for a henna treatment or overnight DC!

What do you wear to bed at night? Does it change based upon your style?

Night Time Pineapple aka Pony Tail Method

Via KinkyCurlyCoilyMe

As promised ladies, I tried out the pony tail method and it worked like a charm. When I have a lazy night I can just do this, go to bed, and wake up with nice hair! No more re-braiding or re-twisting for me!

Do you pineapple?

Barbara Does the Pineapple- Natural Hair

Hi naturals, aspiring naturals, and those that just enjoy reading about hair in general. I've been talking about pineappling a lot this week. In fact, a few people stopped me and asked about the process for maintaining curls after a braid-out. It's just as important to learn how to maintain a style as it is to create it. After all, upkeep and style maintenance is what helps us to prolong a look that we may have worked so hard to achieve. Hence the pineapple. Pineappling is the term used to preserve the "look" of the curls, waves, and kinks after a braid or twist-out. I even saw a video once, where a young lady used the pineapple to preserve the curls after having her natural hair blow dried and curled. It's my tried and true go to method of keeping a style for days and days. Heck one time it preserved my braid-out for a week without me having to re-braid. It's so simple but yet effective. Enjoy the video and I hope it answers a few questions about "How to pineapple and preserve the curl".

Just speaking...

CN Says:
Totally co-sign. This is my go-to nightly routine. Hair too short to pineapple? Try EllePixie's multi pineapple technique!

Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized

Jamila of College Curlies writes:

Hey y'all! I just wanted to share a routine that I do to keep my hair happy between wash and/or style sessions. Throughout the week, I do the following three steps:

1. Saturate my hair with water or a moisturizing spritz (a la naturallycurly)
2. Add a water-based moisturizer (my favorites lately are Yes to Cucumbers or Aussie Moist)
3. Seal with an oil or butter (Usually a mix of shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and EVOO)

When I have in a protective style:
I do the three steps (spray, moisturize, seal) on each section before re-styling. After adding product, I re-style (usually two-strand twist) sections in the front of my head and at the nape of my neck. These are the areas that usually get shrunken or fuzzy pretty early, so it helps my style look fresh without having to re-do my entire head. I usually do this in the morning, so that my twists are good to go for the day.

When I'm doing a twist out:
I spritz and apply product over my entire head and then re-twist my hair in big chunks. It's easier than trying to apply product section by section, because I end up taking more time than necessary (from sectioning and product application) using way more product than I need to. I usually do this at night, so that my hair has a bit of time to dry and set for the next day. (Remember to sleep with a satin/silk bonnet or pillowcase at night!)

I find that when I'm consistent with the three steps-- my styles look better, feel softer, and are way easier to detangle when I finally wash or co-wash again. I've also been falling way off my deep conditioning routine, and I think that doing this daily has helped my hair retain moisture. Just a tidbit I thought I'd share. Stay fabulous!

How do you keep your hair moisturized and happy between styling sessions?

Preserving the Dry Twist-Out

Hola Chicas!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know that last night I was trying to decide between sleeping with my hair out or pulling it up into a pineapple. I re-twisted the night before with great results but had zero time or energy to be bothered last night. I honestly didn't believe the waves were set hard enough to survive my trusty pineapple, but I did it anyway!

I woke up this morning to humongous hair, coaxed it back down, and pulled the front back again. Excellent results! After another week or so of this, I'll be able to update my regimen for you guys. It's looking like a winter of dry twist-outs!

So far so good on the CURLS Souffle. I haven't experienced any buildup. How long do you think I can go (re-applying a little product every other night)?

Later Gators,

Night Time Routines and Preserving the Sexy

Gaye writes:

Hello Curlfriends,

My question is how to remain sexy while protecting your curls at night? I still want to be sexy for my honey..but uhm, I just spent hours doing my hair so I need my bonnet!! That thing is anything but cute.

So ladies, do you sacrifice the curls for some quality time?

Fluffy Curl Night Time Routine

I haven't slept in a satin bonnet for months now...mainly because the hubs refers to me as 'Alien' when I do (affectionately of course). Also, the elastic band can be a pain, and some mornings, my hair would be completely squished and undefined in places. I'd say the bonnet yielded a 75% success rate.

As most of you know, I've had great success sleeping with my hair out and on a satin pillow case. Knock on wood, I've yet to experience a crappy hair day because of it. I also feel much sexier now that I've retired the bonnet for a spell ;)

When I first started wearing natural styles I smothered my hair in gel until the curls resembled crunchy ramen noodles. It was very easy to preserve this style -- clip it down, scrunchy it didn't matter, it would still be defined the next day. Preserving fluffy, soft hair is another story.

Here's what I do:

  • Scoop out a dime sized amount of Shea. Melt it between your palms, and apply in a downward motion to the top layers of your hair. It's a 'slicking' action to control some of the halo frizz.
  • Secure both sides with a duckbill clip. This keeps the hair from wandering into your face and standing the chance of getting drooled on, flattened out, or shrunk up :)
  • Twirl any frizzy ends with DevaCurl Set it Free or Shea Butter. I slick a bit of it on the ends and twirl away. The curls never look like they do on day 1, but it's better than nothing.
  • Sleep on a satin pillow case. I try to flip my hair over the pillow case to avoid smooshing the curls. Usually at around 1am, I remove the duckbill from the side I'm sleeping on (being mindful to keep the hair hanging off the top of the pillow)...not very comfy, lol. But hey, if it works, it works :)

AuNaturale Shows Off Her 'Bedroom Hair'

Pineapple Up-Do:

I’ve found that this is the best way to keep my curls from getting squished and tangled while I sleep at night. Here’s what I do:

First, I hold my head down and flip all of my hair over to the front.

Next, I use both hands and pull all my hair into a high ponytail at the top of my head. I try to get the ponytail as close to my front hair line as possible. I find that the higher the ponytail, the further your hair is from the pillow and the less likely you are to squish your curls at night.

Next, I secure the hair with a ponytail holder. I used to use the thin black coated ponytail bands, but they always ripped my hair out in small knots. Then I discovered Conair Pony Wraps. These ponytail holders are thick and made of very soft material. They keep my hair securely in place and I very rarely lose any strands when I take the holder out. Also, the Conair pony wraps don’t pop or lose their elasticity as quickly. Five holders came in the pack I bought, and I’ve been using the same one now for months.

I either slide the holder over my ponytail so my hair is loosely held in place, or sometimes, I’ll wrap it around my ponytail once more so it’s more secure. The point is not to do it too tightly so there won’t be a crease in my hair the next morning.

Here’s the completed pineapple pony. As you can see, it’s a little crooked, but it doesn’t have to be perfect since I’m about to go to bed:

So the next part of this routine is to protect my hair. To do that, I start by tying a satin scarf around my head. First, I take one corner of the scarf and fold it over diagonally to its cata-corner so that scarf is in the shape of a triangle:

From there, I take the scarf in this triangle form and wrap it around the back of my hair. I make sure the top part of the triangle is facing upward at the back of my head. Then I take the two length pieces and tie them in a knot at the front of my forehead. As I’m sure most people are aware, it’s very easy for the satin scarf to come off during the night, so you want to make sure you tight the knot tight enough, but not so tight that you wake up with a headache or an indentation in your forehead (I’ve done that to myself quite a few times). After I’ve tied the knot, I reach to the back of my hair and pull the tip of the triangle upward over the back of my hair and over the top of my curls as far as it will go. I’m not sure if that’s the most clear description, but hopefully, these pictures will help illustrate what I’m talking about:

Lastly, I take my satin bonnet…

…and put it over top of my curly ponytail. The finished product looks like this:

I told you it’s not sexy, but it keeps my hair well protected at night. Just as an extra precaution, I’ll sleep on a satin pillow case.

Two-Strand Twists:

Here’s my second night time routine. It takes a while to put my whole head in twists, so I opt for this when I’m not as sleepy or as lazy.

Whenever I twist my hair, I always make sure to do something to the ends. Sometimes I’ll roll them, but I prefer to seal them with shea butter and twist/coil the end of each twist around my finger until it curls like this:

Sometimes I’ll put product on the length of my hair first before I twist and other times I’ll twist on dry hair. In this instance, I used product, which is why my hair looks so shiny. Here are the finished twists:

Lastly, I cover my hair with my satin bonnet and sleep on the satin pillow case:

***Ladies, submit your night time routines! The Giveaway ends on March 21 at 5pm!!!

CurlyTD Shows Off Her 'Bedroom' Hair

I thought I'd share my nightly routine with you and your readers. Hopefully it works for someone else as well!

My Night-time routine:

Step 1: When I get home, I instantly put my hair up into a loose, messy bun

Step 2: When I'm ready to get ready for the night I let down my bun and let my hair loose

Step 3: I take out my hair tie, satin scarf and hair bonnet.

Step 4: I separate my hair into two (2) sections making loose pigtails.

Step 5: I take one (1) section of my hair and start to apply Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to the entire section. FYI: I use the Omega Nutrition brand

Step 6: I take more coconut oil and concentrate on my ends.

Step 7: I place a hair tie around the section of hair I'm working on and pick up more coconut oil and apply it to the crown of my head and hair line.

Step 8: I then repeat the same steps on the other side of head until I have two loose pigtails.

Step 9: I then put on my satin scarf.

Step 10: Lastly, I put on a hair bonnet since my satin scarf will usually fall off!

Next Day Hair...Actually Day 5 Hair!!

That's it! It usually takes me 5 minutes, if even that!

I've found this to be the best way to preserve my hairstyles. Following this nightly routine gives me 5-7 day hair without re-twisting :-)

FYI- I twist my hair with either Carol's Daughter Hair Milk or just water & Organic Coconut Oil ( I picked that up from stalking Zhara's Fotki!). I have very thick hair but I've found this routine helps to hold my style despite not using a gel.

I hope this helps another curly girl out there!

a.k.a CurlyTD

***Submit your Bedroom Hair to [email protected] You'll be entered into THIS GIVEAWAY.

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