3 Tips for Protecting Your Hair at Night

You want your edges, or nah?

Sorry, I had to do it! We are all about our healthy hair journey right? You take all that time washing, deep conditioning, detangling and moisturizing your hair, but sometimes we are too tired to protect it while we sleep. Newsflash… don’t skip the last step!

Here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy while you get your beauty sleep.

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Caring for Natural Hair at Bedtime- The Pineapple

by Michelle Thames of HappilyEverNatural

I get so many questions on how I preserve my hair at night to achieve second and third day hair. I even achieved 5th day hair from a rod set once! Yes, you heard that right-- 5th day hair! Can I get an, Amen?

The key is to pineapple your hair at night. What is pineappling? Pineappling is described as 'a quick styling method to preserve your hair at night to achieve multiple days of your hairstyle'.  Below, I will give you a quick rundown as well as what you will need in order to pineapple your hair, so you can breathe new life into your twist-outs!

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A Nighttime Routine for Twist-Out Maintenance

Shekia Renea writes:

"I thought it'd be helpful to share how I maintain my natural hair over night.  It's been about 9 months since my 3rd big chop, and I use this routine every single night to keep my twist-outs defined and moisturized."

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How to Maintain Your Wash and Go Throughout the Week

 by Kanisha Parks of BlackNaps.org

Not only is this style fairly easy to execute (depending on your routine) but it showcases the beauty of your natural curl pattern and can be modified into other styles as well. When wearing wash and go’s as an easy style for busy routines and active lifestyles, it can be helpful to know how to keep this style up for 5-7 days until wash day comes around again. Here are some tips to help guide you:

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Will Twisting My Hair Every Night Cause Breakage?

by Amanda

When I big chopped in 2011 after transitioning for ten months, I rocked fingercoils that I only had to touch up twice a week. Then came the awkward stage. My coils were not long enough for a ponytail and the fingercoils were starting to hang like starter locs. Twist outs left my hair looking like Icarus from the Disney Hercules cartoon (I am not offended if you laugh), so I was frantically trying to figure out my next style. My fingers cramped at every attempt to braid, so flat-twist outs became my best friend! For the next two years, I would reserve an hour an every night to flat twist my fine, 4a coils. Did you notice I said fine? Do I regret that? Well, I can address that in my response to AmandaCurls101 from Q&A.

Is it okay to retwist/rebraid/rebantu etc. every night? So I have short very kinky hair that has a ton of shrinkage. If I don't retwist or rebraid my hair at night it will get very matted up and very tangled. Will retwisting at night cause too much breakage?

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4C Natural Hair- A Nighttime Regimen

NaturalMe4c has an easy nighttime routine that doesn't involve re-twisting and it gets her to Day 3 hair!  Watch and learn!

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