Bridging The Gap: Fixing The Divide Between Africans And African Americans

There is a disconnect as wide as the Atlantic Ocean between African-Americans and Africans. By and large, we don’t understand each other. We don’t communicate with each other. We don’t accept each other as the long lost family that we are and that is a shame. In our failure to overcome misunderstandings between us, we are missing out on the opportunity to enhance and strengthen both our collective populations socially, culturally and economically.

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Why the Actions of One Black San Bernardino Shooter Affects All Of Us

Pictured: Cedric Anderson and his estranged wife, Karen Smith.
Written by Nikki Igbo of

On Monday morning, I felt that same familiar twinge of horror mixed with sorrow as I received a news flash across my computer screen. Once again, someone took it upon themselves to shoot up another school.

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This Children's Book "From Black Boy With Love" Is Teaching Black Boys To Respect Black Girls

Written by Nikki Igbo

The older I get the more I am thankful for the awakening I’m witnessing in black America—an awakening that involves black adults specifically passing on a love of blackness to our children. One such adult is Lawrence Lindell, a Compton-based illustrator who created a picture book which expresses affection and admiration for girls of color. With each purchase of the book “From Black Boy With Love,” Lindell sends the following regards:

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Bruno Mars Says He Wouldn't Be Here If Not For Black Artists

Written by Mike Orie of

In the February cover story of Latina Magazine, Bruno Mars gets very real and honest about Black culture.

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