19-Year-Old Haitian-Japanese Tennis Player Pulls An Upset And Defeats U.S. Open Champion

Tennis can be a thrilling sport in and of itself, so when an upset happens… it’s peak excitement! People love rooting for the underdog in general, so upsets are popular in any competition.

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Matthew Cherry Developing Animated Film About Father Doing Black Girls Hair

If you’re an active Twitter user, you must’ve heard about Matthew A. Cherry (The Last Fall, 9 Rides). Dubbed by me as “the social media hype man,” Cherry is always dropping positivity onto the timeline whether it’s a funny video or celebrating an undiscovered filmmaker.

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Our Favorite Easter Styles For Black Girls

Photo Credit: @iamawog

Pretty pastel dresses, patent leather Mary Janes, and those frilly, ruffled socks. For many of us, Easter Sunday meant a new dress, new shoes, and new hair.

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The World's Fastest Man Has Some Competition, And She's Only 12

Watch out, Usain Bolt. The world's fastest man has some new competition--and she's only twelve years old.

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The Dance Theatre of Harlem Highlights Black Ballet Dancers In New Short Film

The Dance Theatre of Harlem is showcasing the power of diversity through a new short film that highlights Black ballet dancers.

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Watch 'Finding Magic' A Short Film On Black Women And Self Love

Written by Mike Orie of Afrotrak.com

Actress/Producer Andrea Lewis has released a short docu-series titled Finding Magic. The short five-minute film features Essence Atkins, amongst other and highlights what it means for Black women to find their magic. It is part one of a three part series.

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