Here's Why You Should Try Sacha Cosmetics

I first learned of SACHA Cosmetics through Beauty Vloggers who frequently use the Sacha Buttercup setting powder as one of the final steps in their beauty routines. It’s Amazon's #1 best-seller in face powder and it is great for medium to dark skin tones. It’s highly-coveted in the makeup world and beauty lovers appreciate its multiple purposes. The product can be used to highlight, set/bake your concealer or as an all-over face powder. It gives the benefit of shine reduction and keeps your face matte for hours, which is perfect for taking photos.

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Have you heard of Marjani Beauty?

Marjani Beauty Company is one you should know. They are a one stop shop online “beauty destination for melanin women by melanin women."

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5 Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants To Try in California

Photo courtesy of Alza Vegan 

Do you ever feel like you SHOULD give up meat but LOVE good food?

Yup, me too!

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Have You Tried This Black-Owned Men's Grooming & Beard Care Company?

Photo Courtesy of Nature Boy Products

Self-care and grooming is just as important to men as it is for us women. Although there is an abundance of skin care companies that sell products for women, there are very few that cater to men, especially black men. That is why I was excited to chat with the Founder and Artisan of Nature Boy Products. His product line focus is facial hair and skin, composed of natural ingredients that heal, soften and smell great. Keep reading to learn more about the journey, products offered and what we can look forward to in the future.

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3 Black Owned Beauty Brands For Women Of Color

Photo courtesy of The Lip Bar

Written by Monica Williams

For many black women, searching for makeup that matches our skin tone can be quite challenging. There are many mainstream beauty brands that do not supply ranges of color for women of color. It becomes frustrating walking down the drugstore isles in hopes of finding the “perfect match”, only to leave empty handed and disappointed the majority of the time.

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7 Black-Owned Beauty Supplies In Chicago

Pictured, Jordan's Beauty Supply in Chicago

Looking to keep your dollars in the community while still getting all the hair supplies you need? If you're in the Chicago area, try out these 7 Black-owned beauty supplies in the Chicago area.

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