CN Exclusive: New Platform 'Nappy' Offers Free High-Res Stock Images For Black People

Image courtesy of Nappy

Every African-American understands all too well that feeling of being left out, especially when it comes to businesses and the way they advertise. Instances like Shea Moisture’s recent ad debacle immediately come to mind, but the issue is and has always been much more pervasive. By and large, ads and websites seem to target only White customers but that might not necessarily mean those businesses aren’t interested in attracting a diverse audience. A lot of times the issue is simply a lack of diversity in stock imagery.

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CN Exclusive: Protest Against 'Father of Gynecology' Statue Shines Broader Light on Racism in Healthcare

J. Marion Sims may have revolutionized medical care as it pertains to women’s health in the 1800s but the dubious approaches he employed begs the question as to whether a statue should be erected in his honor—that statue is currently standing outside of the New York Academy of Medicine. According to the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), Sims’ history reflects a recurring theme of racism and exploitation in American healthcare and therefore needs to come down.

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CN Exclusive: Goapele Opens Up About Her Big Hair Chop, Offers Advice To Young Women

Photo Credit: Samuel Whitworth; courtesy of Goapele    

Following the release of her latest EP Dreamseeker, Goapele has received a world of attention for her bold new haircut.

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New 'Afridate' Dating App Allows Users To Search For Matches Based On Nationality

When it comes to dating, it is a brave new digital world out there. While I still hear the occasional romantic tale of boy meets girl at some random book fair, night club, church picnic, ice cream festival or meetup, I’m much more likely to hear of such a connection being made by way of an online site or a dating app. According to a 2016 Pew Research Center Study, 80 percent of Americans think a website like OkCupid or an app like Tinder are good ways to meet people while majorities also believe that online dating is simpler, more effective and leads to better matches.

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[Exclusive] Director of “Conversating While Black” Wants To Create More Black Content for Black People

By Sharee Silerio

At the barbershop. In the hair salon. Family gatherings. Game night. Dinner after a movie. What do all of these places and activities have in common?

People getting together.

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This Children's Book "From Black Boy With Love" Is Teaching Black Boys To Respect Black Girls

Written by Nikki Igbo

The older I get the more I am thankful for the awakening I’m witnessing in black America—an awakening that involves black adults specifically passing on a love of blackness to our children. One such adult is Lawrence Lindell, a Compton-based illustrator who created a picture book which expresses affection and admiration for girls of color. With each purchase of the book “From Black Boy With Love,” Lindell sends the following regards:

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This 'Newbee' App Just Made Moving To A New City Much Easier

Candice Torian, founder of Newbee Network

Written by Mike Orie of
Moving to a new city can be one of the most daunting experiences ever. Watching old friends in your previous home can be a very isolating feeling. But a new app Newbee Network might be able to fix this problem. Founder Candice Torian is creating a community of people that will hopefully make relocating to a new city much easier. Read our exclusive interview below.

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Meet The Founders of ScholarX, A Scholarship App For Nigerian Students

Pictured Left to Right: Maxwell Ogufunyi, Abolade Lawal, and Abayomi Johnson

Written by Mike Orie of

These three African/African American entrepreneurs launched a scholarship app for Nigerian students.

Former Degrassi Star Andrea Lewis Is Launching 'Women's Empowerment Weekend'

Photo courtesy of Andrea Lewis

Written by Mike Orie of

What first started three years ago by actress/producer Andrea Lewis as a form of self-love and building confidence has grown into something much bigger than she expected. The former Degrassi star and mastermind behind the series Black Actress is launching the inaugural Women's Empowerment Weekend.

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A Young Educator Follows Her Calling, Opens Charter School In New Orleans

by Mike Orie of

When Melanie Askew left her job in human resources, she had no idea that education would transform her life. All she knew was that she hoped to make an impact in her community. But a massive pay cut and a leap of faith would lead Askew to do something that hasn’t been done before. In Fall 2017, the 20-something former teacher will launch Elan Academy in New Orleans. Like many millennials, she started with a career based on societal pressure before ultimately landing her dream job.

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Singer Krystal Metcalfe Pens Song "Sallie" About Student Loans

Photo by Bryan Allen Lamb

Written by Mike Orie of

According to USA Today, over 40 million students currently have student loans across the United States. This amount now totals to over 1.2 trillion dollars in debt. Chicago singer, by way of St. Louis, Krystal Metcalfe falls into that category. In her new release "Sallie" Metcalfe speaks on her personal experiences of being an artist indebted to student loans.

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NoireBnB, An Entrepreneurs Response To #AirBnBWhileBlack

Image courtesy of NoireBnB

Written by Mike Orie of

On May 25th, Rohan Gilkes would document an unpleasant experience of trying to book a trip with AirBnB. The 40-year old entrepreneur, who splits his time between Tampa and DC would attempt to book a vacation trip to Idaho, from July 1st-5th, which would result in an experience known as #AirBnbWhileBlack. His booking requests would be denied; the owner of the AirBnB initially telling him the dates were no longer available. Gilkes suggested different dates in an earlier month and ran into the same problem. The owner denied his trip immediately. “Can I just book some dates in June,” he would send in another message. "I messaged them again, but they never responded.” But this wasn’t the final straw. He had just learned about #AirBnbWhileBlack and decided to have one of his white friends attempt to book the same space. You can pretty much guess what happened. “They were approved immediately,” he said. The July dates he was just told were booked would magically become available for his friend. Gilkes would chronicle this whole story online here. After the post went viral, he would receive tons of messages from people who shared similar experiences. In just 2 ½ weeks, this would lead to the launch of an African American focused booking service that over the last 24 hours has received a lot of praise on social media.
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