How to CUBA

Hola Chicas!

I don't usually share how I put these trips together because (1) there's no formula, and (2) I have a flare for the dramatic. But as this epicness comes to a close, I thought I'd do y'all a solid and provide you with a how-to manual of sorts.

Obviously there are other ways to get to and 'do' Cuba both legally and illegally (i.e. Mexico or Canada, groups, cruises), but I visited Cuba both legally and on my own terms.  I didn't get herded around in large groups, or have to pretend to be doing anything.  So if you're like me, do it like this.  

Afro Cubans: We Are Many

Hola chicas!

Yesterday we spent some time in old Havana with some new friends. I first learned of Gloria Rolando on Afro Cuba Web after some creative Google searching. I reached out on FB and received a response within 24 hours! She was interested in meeting me and sharing a bit about herself with the CN fam. She's a renowned filmmaker and documentarian who works to piece together Afro-Cuban history and produce positive images of black Cubans.

She maintains that Africans have made substantial contributions to Cuban culture and that she feels a responsibility to show that Afro-Cubans are more than 'rumba dancing and cigar smoking (which are well-worn stereotypes). Since Gloria and her family believe that there's not been an appreciation for the fullness of the African contribution to Cuban history,--


The View from Havana

Got the last two internet cards in a 5 mile radius so I could share a few pics.  Love y'all, talk soon!

Unspoiled: Life Without Limits

As of now, we've been here for less than 24 hours and one experience sums up our whole entire situation --


CurlyNikki in Cuba

Hola Chicas,

Story time--


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